Code of Conduct

​​​​This document describes basic ethical principles for the performance of duties and professional practices binding on both directors and employees of KASIKORNBANK.

A bank of good practices is made up of directors and employees who all conform to the expected ethical standards. This is the basis of the Bank’s success. Continuing and sustainable success results from the conduct of every one of us. In carrying out our duties, each must uphold the Bank’s ethical standards in our daily tasks and in all of our decisions, as described in Bank operational principles and procedures.

In today’s highly competitive environment, in order to remain at the forefront in business and to achieve the ethical stature, the Bank attends not only to results but also to the way in which results are achieved, refraining from any methods and activities that may be illegal or unethical.

In the following, “we” and “us” refer to all directors and employees, and the “Bank” refers to KASIKORNBANK and business operations.