Audit Confirmation Letter


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Service details

Issuance of letter to confirm the deposit and loan amounts for auditors

Service conditions

​The Audit Confirmation Letter request form must include the following details:

  • Name of the juristic person and business registration number
  • Name of the assigned auditor, address for delivery of the confirmation letter, contact telephone number and email
  • Active current account or savings account for fee debiting under the same name as the juristic person requesting the confirmation letter
  • Date of request and date/month/year of the information to be confirmed
  • Signature of the authorized person of the current account or savings account for fee debiting (in case of request filed at branch) or the authorized person in accordance with the business registration certificate (in case of request sent via RM)


  • 100 Baht/account


Via which channels will KBank send the Audit Confirmation Letter to the customer?
How long does it take for the Audit Confirmation Letter to be delivered?
What are the account debiting conditions?
Where can the customer receive the receipt?