KBank PromptPay

New service for receiving and transferring money

Use only your Citizen ID number or Mobile phone number to link with your bank account.

Benefits of KBank PromptPay


Use your citizen ID to receive payments from government agencies.


No need to remember account number. Use only mobile number to receive money.


Secure Reduce risk
from carrying cash.

Receive money by PromptPay

How to transfer money

Choose your most convenient bank channel to transfer money.

Use receiver’s PromptPay registered mobile phone number or citizen ID number to transfer money.

Check the accuracy and confirm the transaction.

How to receive money

Register PromptPay successfully.

Tell your registered mobile phone number or registered citizen ID number to sender.

Check statement of registered deposit account.

How to register PromptPay ?

Deposit account

Select your main bank account, either saving or current account. Maximum 4 accounts can be linked.

Citizen ID

Each citizen ID number can be linked to only one deposit account.

Mobile phone number

Each number can be linked to only one deposit account and maximum 3 numbers can be linked.

Note: It can’t be linked with another account until you unregistered your current PromptPay account.

PromptPay registration channels

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any fee for PromptPay registration ?

There is no fee for PromptPay registration.

Does PromptPay customer need to register PromptPay before making fund transfer or receiving money ?

Customer needs to register PromptPay in order to receive money via PromptPay. On the contrary, customer who wants to transfer money via PromptPay, does not need to register PromptPay.

How many accounts does the customer allow to link their citizen ID number or mobile phone number with ?

The citizen ID number or mobile phone number can be linked with only one bank account at a time.

Could other persons get money or do the fund transfer from one’s account if they have your citizen ID number or mobile phone number ?

No, they could not because making fund transfer from one’s account needs confidential information such as PIN number or password to log in. Having citizen ID number or mobile phone number only could not make fund transfer.

What should the customers do if they by mistake transfer or send money to the wrong bank account ?

Once the transaction has been made; the bank cannot reverse it from its end without approval from the beneficiary. Bank cans only act as a facilitator. Therefore, the customer has to gather all proof regarding that fund transfer and contact customer’s bank immediately. As for KBank, the customer can contact K-Contact Center 02-8888888

What channel can customers cancel their PromptPay registration ?

KBank customers can cancel PromptPay registration via K-Mobile Banking PLUS, K-Cyber, K-ATM and K-Contact Center 02-8888888