​Gifts and Benefits

          The Bank policy on gifts, entertainment, and gratuities is designed to preserve and maintain the Bank reputation as a leading bank that acts with integrity and bases decisions only on legitimate business considerations. Other than as described below, gifts (e.g., sponsorships, entertainment, travel, hospitality, services, or other gratuities) shall not be received, or solicited from, people with whom we do business; doing so would compromise, or give the appearance of compromising, our position on any business decision taken by, or on behalf of, them or the Bank.

          Gifts of minimal value e.g., pens, diaries, etc., may be acceptable, however, no cash or cash-equivalent gifts shall be accepted. Gifts not exceeding Baht 3,000 in value shall be reported to one’s supervisor. Gifts and benefits of a value greater than Baht 3,000 shall be reported to one’s supervisor for approval and also reported to the Compliance Department.

         If, as an employee of the Bank, one is offered a gift or benefit for which approval is necessary under circumstances where refusal is difficult, e.g., during a customer meeting, the gift may be accepted, but the Compliance Department, supervisors and/or other authorized persons must be informed as soon as possible. Such gifts shall not be considered one’s property and shall be donated to communities or charitable organizations in accordance with appropriate procedures; acceptance of any gift or benefit must be justifiable as reasonable and proper in all circumstances. In relation to other benefits, any entertainment received must be neither so lavish, nor so frequent, as to create an obligation – real or implied – to the provider of such entertainment. A record of the acceptance of gifts or benefits must be rendered to and maintained by the Compliance Department, supervisors, or other authorized persons.​

          There are no restrictions on providing gifts bearing the Bank logo, so long as that gift is reasonable in the context of the business undertaken with the recipient.

Under no circumstances should any such gift or other benefit be offered or provided as an inducement to the recipient to enter into an arrangement that will conflict with any regulatory duty owed to customers.

          ​No gift shall be given to supervisors, or accepted from supervised employees, except when given per traditional practices and having an appropriate and justifiable value.​