Investor Relations Code of Conduct

​KBank business operations are guided by our Good Corporate Governance principles. To ensure that our investor relations function is accurate, complete, and transparent in compliance with the laws, regulatory requirements, and the Bank’s regulations, we have devised an Investor Relations Code of Conduct as operational guidelines for our executives and employees related to investor relations function, who shall

1. Strictly comply with KASIKORNBANK Disclosure Policy;

2. Disclose important and necessary information for any investment decision in an accurate, adequate and timely manner;

3. Not use any inside information for their own, or others’ benefit;

4. Provide information disclosures fairly and equitably, and ensure an equal opportunity for all stakeholders to have access to such information and/or make inquiries;

5. Perform their duties with professionalism, integrity and equality; and avoid preferential treatment that may undermine the benefits of the company or any stakeholder;

6. Perform their duties in compliance with the law, rules, notifications, regulations and/or operational guidelines of supervisory agencies, e.g., the Bank of Thailand (BOT), the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), or the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as well as with the Bank regulations;

7. Not disclose information related to the Bank operating results to external parties; not accept one-on-one meetings, analyst group meetings, or reply to questions related to the Bank operating results during a silent period of seven days prior to the quarterly operating results are reported to the SET;

8. Not express any comment on the Bank share prices in whatever circumstance;

9. Not buy, sell, transfer or obtain the transfer of securities issued by KBank and stock futures with underlying the Bank stock before financial information is disclosed to the public, in compliance with the Bank regulation on security and stock futures trading by employees.