Statement of Business Conduct

In conducting our business, the Bank adheres to a certain set of principles which it expects all directors and each employee to follow in all activities for the Bank.


The Bank strives to achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality products and delivering exceptional service to our customers.


The Bank continually strives for superior performance, taking into account the current and potential risk environment. It is our duty to ensure transparency in the Bank's operation and to do our utmost to safeguard the Bank's assets and uphold its reputation.


The Bank’s employees are our most valuable assets. The Bank attracts and recruits people with skills and experience relevant to the growth and the need of the Bank. The Bank continually develops employees to a high level of competence and provides them with salaries and benefits comparable to leading employers.

Social Concern:

The Bank performs its duties as a good citizen, contributing to non-political causes which enhance society and acts to preserve the environment.


The Bank believes in being fair to all parties having a business relationship with us and assiduously avoids favouritism or a conflict of interest situation.


The Bank believes in strong ethical standards and carries out our business with uncompromising integrity and honesty in all respects.


The Bank protects our customers and maintains the trust placed in us by ensuring that all information relating to our customers business affairs remains confidential at all time.


The Bank is dedicated to carry out its responsibilities in a professional manner and is determined to achieve excellence by continuously seeking to perform better by embracing new methods and technologies.


The Bank is responsive to customers need, to social, technical and economic changes and is adaptive to the requirements of our customers now and in the future.

Discipline and Compliance:

The Bank is committed to discipline in the operation of our business and ensure that all business decisions and actions comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to observe good standards of behaviour.