Occupational Safety and Health,
and Workplace Environment Policy

KASIKORNBANK (KBank) operates business by tangibly embracing the concept of sustainable development in terms of economy, society and environment. We are fully aware of the importance of health and safety for our employees, contractors, customers and visitors, and deem it appropriate to implement efficient practices towards occupational safety and health, and workplace environment, as part of our business operations. To strengthen our efforts towards such goals, we have established an Occupational Safety and Health, and Workplace Environment Policy, as shown below:


This policy is applied to all KBank operations, as well as those of wholly-owned subsidiaries of KBank (K Companies) and Support Service Providers to KBank (P Companies), plus all activities held at premises under KBank management, including main and auxiliary buildings, as well as at all branch offices; this also applies to all persons involved in the operations of KBank, K Companies and P Companies, e.g., directors, executives, permanent/temporary employees, outsourced firms and visitors using the premises that are under the responsibility of KBank.

Operational Guidelines

  • Management and Operations related to Occupational Safety and Health, and Workplace Environment
    Determine the management structure and roles, duties and responsibilities of personnel in the organization as required by laws pertaining to occupational safety and health, and workplace environment and international standard of ISO 45001; determine and review the objectives, and establish operational plans and set the quantitative target for occupational safety as well as put in place monitoring processes and examination of operations to be in line with the established guidelines and to ensure efficiency and continual improvement in KBank’s safety management system, as well as striving to prevent and minimize occupational accidents and illnesses which cause employee absenteeism from work, especially severe accidents.
  • Fire Prevention and Extinguishing Practices, Fire Drills
    Put in place fire prevention and extinguishing plans incorporating inspections, fire prevention campaigns, firefighting procedures, evacuation drills, assistance to disabled and/or injured persons, as well as checks to ensure that the premises are in 5 S. order and there are no materials that may block the evacuation routes or exits, or work characteristics that may cause fire.
  • Communications with Personnel
    Allocate appropriate resources to conduct adequate training for staff at all levels as well as contractors on occupational safety and health, and workplace environment, in line with safety standards and legislation, especially through consultation and participation of staff members and/or employee representatives responsible for these matters; and organize continual communication activities to promote staff awareness and participation.
  • Risk Assessments related to Occupational Safety and Workplace Environment
    Take into consideration occupational safety and health, and workplace environment, in the short- and long-term, in the design of work processes, design and improvement of premises and facility systems within the organization; and conduct regular assessments thereof and identify risk levels and operational plans to minimize risks with definitive targets, as well as emergency plans. All related processes will be consistently updated and examined to ensure compliance with the established procedures.
  • Risk Assessments Procedures
    Monitor the progresses of minimization and prevention of health problems and risks per the established targets, and conduct internal audit and arrange for audit by independent organizations with respect to health and safety under the ISO 45001 on a regular basis.
  • Inspection for Workplace Safety and Environment and Health Checks
    Arrange examinations and assessments towards occupational safety and health, and workplace environment, to maintain our standards; and provide regular health check-ups for staff. In case of any illness caused by work or the workplace environment, analyze the cause(s) and find concrete solutions to avoid any recurrence. Report to related authorities on any illnesses that are subject to mandatory reporting.

Approved by the Board of Directors
Ms. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul
Chairperson of the Board

Progress Report 2023
Occupational safety, health and workplace environment management