Observance of Laws and Bank Policies

          Compliance with the laws is our minimum standard of acceptable behavior. One of the most important relationships that the Bank maintains is our relationship with regulators. Observing the laws and statutes applicable to activities that we engage in is at the heart of our business activities.

The Bank demands the highest standards in conducting business activities:

  • All employees must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements in Bank policies, as well as valuable traditions.
  • Breaches of the laws, regulatory statutes, or Bank policies are not justified by the pursuit of profit.
  • Activities are not made acceptable merely by the practices of competitors or others in the business. If a law or regulatory statute appears to no longer be relevant, or if competitors are not abiding by it, we must nevertheless abide by it.
  • The Bank supports, respects, and protects human rights by refraining from human rights violations and educating our employees to uphold these values.

          ​It is the Bank’s wish that our regulators develop a relationship of confidence towards, and trust in, us. To achieve this, the Bank must deal with regulators in an open and cooperative manner, keeping them informed of anything concerning the Bank which might reasonably be expected to be disclosed to them. In addition, cooperation is provided to other organizations with respect to anti-corruption activities.​