Political Contributions and Activities

It is a fundamental policy of the Bank that the Bank assets or resources may not be used to contribute to any political candidate or party anywhere in the world.
  • An exception to the above exists only in cases where such support is permitted by law and advocates democracy in general.
  • The Bank policy does not permit the use of any the Bank facilities or resources by employees for political campaigning, fundraising, or partisan political purposes.
  • The Bank prohibits all management and employees from directing or persuading, by any means, the Bank employees and subordinates to participate in any type of political activity.
A decision by an employee to contribute any personal time, money, or other resources to a political campaign or activity must be made totally on the employee's own discretion.

Contribution for Partnerships

KBank aims to create partnerships with all organizations and parties, at home and abroad, to ensure business achievement and ultimate benefit for all stakeholders. These partnerships include the public and private sectors, trade associations,non-profit organizations, educational institutes, and experts in diverse fields. KBank does not support such partnerships in their involvement with any lobbying activities.KBank has contributed to our partnerships through membership fee.

ActivitiesContribution Amount (Million-THB)
Lobbying, interest representation or similar0000
Local, regional or national political campaigns / organizations / candidates0000
Trade associations or tax exempt groups19.0321.2821.5016.16
Other (spending related to ballot measures, or referendums) 0000
Total contributions and other spending 19.0321.2821.5016.16
Guided by our commitment to deliver service excellence, KBank aims “To Empower Every Customer’s Life and Business” that responds to the customer needs, expectations and behaviors and that deploys leading-edged technologies to reach the top position in the digital banking realm through collaborations with various partners to strengthen and leverage sustainable financial industry. Two primary objectives are as follow:

  1. Driving K-Strategy on ESG and Beyond Banking and Innovation (Total 15.18 million-THB or 93.94% of total contribution in 2021)
  2. To expand business and market penetration through various trade associations (Total 0.98 million-THB or 6.06% of total contribution in 2021)
KBank supported business and trade associations in a form of membership fee that we believes that collaborations between business and government sectors would contribute to sustainable economic development of the nation.

The three largest contributions (2018-2021) are follows;
YearNumberOrganizationMillion-THB% of Total Contribution
20181The Thai Bankers' Association (TBA) 13.8273%
2The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 2.1511%
3International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) 0.955%
20191The Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA)8.4740%
2Thailand Blockchain Community Initiative (BCI)4.7722%
3The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)2.4712%
20201The Thai Bankers’ Association (TBA)15.2971%
2International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA)2.0610%
3The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)1.266%
20211The Thai Bankers Association (TBA)13.8485.63%
2United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI)1.046.41%
3Thai Bond Market Association (ThaiBMA)0.533.29%