​​​Bribes and Inducements

          It is not acceptable to offer or receive any form of bribe and inducement, or direct anyone else to do so on your behalf. Bribery in commerce is illegal and subject to criminal penalties.

          Receipt of bribes or personal payments by the Bank’s employees, as payments or other benefits for the procurement of business, are strictly prohibited. The Bank’s competition for business is conducted fairly and on the merits of the Bank’s products and services​.​

          The Bank believes in promoting good governance and the fair and transparent business operations in accordance with the laws. It is also, therefore, strictly prohibited for employees in the performance of their official duties to give anything of value directly or indirectly to a government official, political figure, organization, or related person to influence their actions in the Bank favor.

          ​Should there be any demand for, or giving of bribes, details shall be revealed to counterparties and/or creditors for mutual and timely solutions.​