​KASIKORNBANK Disclosure Policy​

KBank realizes the significance of management and business undertakings in accordance with the Statement of Corporate Governance Principles. To promote information disclosure, which is accurate, complete, transparent and equitable, in compliance with the regulatory requirements, KBank deems it appropriate to formulate the KASIKORNBANK Disclosure Policy for pursuance by directors and employees.

Authorized Spokespersons

hief Executive Officer, President, Chief Financial Officer, and Executive entrusted as the Chief Investor Relations Officer have authority to consider and make decisions on content of significant information for public disclosure. Any one of them shall be able to disclose information by him/herself, or to assign relevant parties to handle this task.

The executive entrusted as the Chief Investor Relations Officer shall have authority to disclose or disseminate significant information of the Bank, and to answer questions raised by shareholders, investors and securities analysts.

Unit responsible for corporate communications shall handle and coordinate with information owners in dissemination of significant information of the Bank to the press.

Dissemination of Information

KBank information shall be accurate, transparent, equitable, reliable, straightforward, clear, easy and punctual.

The disclosure of information in any regulatory report requirements shall meet the deadline and frequency, as specified by laws, or government agencies, or KBank supervisory agencies, classified by types of information.

The Unit responsible for corporate communications shall provide advice on mass communication procedures. After dissemination of significant information to the general public, similar information shall be provided on KBank website (www.kasikornbankgroup.com).

Information that influences the price of KBank stock or affects investment decisions or assessment of the Bank’s performance, or affects shareholders’ benefits, shall be disclosed after submission to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

Prohibited Activities and Remedial Actions

There shall be prohibition of release of confidential business information, or information that may lead to loss of benefits and competitiveness, or information on pending negotiations, or information based on exaggerated projections and/or irrational promotion. Improper wording or styles of presentation that may misdirect the price movement of KBank stock shall be avoided.

In cases where there are disclosures of information which is inaccurate, erroneous, deviated from facts, or under misinterpretation or mistranslation in any significant way, Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Financial Officer or Chief Investor Relations Officer shall clarify all facts for correct understanding immediately.

Meeting with Selected Audience

The Unit responsible for corporate communications , the Chief Investor Relations Officer or entrusted officers shall provide such information to the press, analysts and shareholders.

After a meeting, press conference or public disclosure of any other information, the units responsible for providing such information shall disclose said information or resolutions of the meeting on KBank website.

Management of Leaks of Information or Rumors

In any significant events, when there are news reports deviating from the facts pertaining to the KASIKORNBANK, or reports with reference to inaccurate information, or leaks of significant information to a third party, or untimely disclosure of information, which may lead to rumors that affect the stock price and/or performance of the Bank, either positively or negatively, the Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Investor Relations Officer, Head responsible for corporate communications, and/or entrusted officers shall report all significant information and facts to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and through all available channels for the correct understanding immediately.

Trading Restriction and Silent Period

To comply with the Statement of Corporate Governance Principles, the directors and employees knowing or having access to inside information of the Bank, with significant effects on the stock price, shall act in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. To avoid buying, selling, transferring or obtaining the transfer of securities issued by the Bank and stock futures with underlying Bank Stock before the public disclosure of financial information, and to comply with rule for transaction in securities and stock futures by director and employee
  2. To avoid disclosing information on operating results of the Bank in a 7-day period before the Bank’s disclosure of information on the quarterly operating results to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Nor shall there be a meeting session for information sharing, group meeting, or answers of questions concerning the operating results for shareholders, investors, securities analysts and the press. In addition, there shall be strict observation of the Internal Control Procedure, as specified by the KBank