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Taweesup Special Fixed Deposit Account

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tax-free. High-interest.​


Savings for rewarding.

Deposit a fixed amount of money monthly for 24 months.




​Earn interest. Tax-free.

Tax exemption on the interest earned after the deposit period is completed, conditions set by the bank


Your savings, your way.

Choose fixed amount

to start your monthly savings​


Easy deposits,
with direct debit.

The amount will be debited from your savings or current account to your Taweesup account on the 5th of each month.


Account Details

  • Interest will be paid on the agreed date.
  • In case you fail to deposit 2 times, you still receive interest earned on your Taweesup Special Fixed Deposit, tax-exempt.
  • In case you fail to deposit​ more than 2 times, the bank will no longer allow more deposits. The interest will be calculated according to standard bank interest rate, and interest earnings will not be tax-exempt.
  • The request for tax exemption is reserved for only one Taweesup account per person.



Open an Account

  • Open an account with minimum 500 baht to 25,000 baht and deposit money for 24 consecutive months
  • Individuals, aged 12 years old or above
  • Parents can open an account for a minor under the age of 12 years

Document required of Thai individuals and Registered Merchant

  • National ID card (Smart Card)
  • Birth certificate or National ID Card and copy of house registration (for parents opening an account for a child)
  • Other National ID Card (Not Smart Card), together with a copy of 2 documents; copy of house registration, copy of driving license, copy of government servant / state enterprise employee card or copy of passport)

Document required for Foreigners

  • Passport
  • Non-Immigrant Visa (All of types)
  • Documents per the objectives of entering Thailand such as Work permit document for working in Thailand.
  • Tax ID number in Thailand.


  1. More information can be obtained at KBank branch.
  2. Accounts are not allowed to be opened for holders of tourist visa or other types of visa intended to travel in Thailand, such as Visa on Arrival, Free Visa, etc.

Key Features

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the interest calculated?

It is calculated from the following formula:

Earned interest = Principle x (Interest rate/100) x (Actual deposit period/365)

When can deposits be made?

Deposits can be made every day at every branch, or customers can subscribe to automatic deposit service via a savings deposit account or current deposit account​​​ whereby the bank will deduct funds every fifth day of the month. In case you have insufficient funds in the accounts, the bank will deduct funds on the tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth or the last day of the month.

Upon the due date, where can the account be closed?

Taweesup special fixed deposit accounts can be closed at any branch, there is no need to close at the branch where the account was opened.

If deposits are missed, made in the wrong month, or made in an incomplete amount, how will the interest rate be calculated?

If deposits are missed 1 or 2 times, you will earn the Taweesup interest rate and enjoy tax exemption. The interest is calculated from the principle amount deposited within 24 months.

If deposits are missed for the third time, the bank will not accept Taweesup deposits for the remaining periods; you will get the savings interest rate and withholding tax will be applied. The savings interest rate and withholding tax is calculated from the principle amount deposited within 24 months.

How do you determine the due date of the 24-month Taweesup savings deposits?

The deposit due date starts from the account opening date (date-to-date) for 24 months. For example, if a Taweesup savings account is opened on May 1, 2016, the due date for the 24th month will be May 1, 2018.

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