Manual K BIZ
face approval

Please ensure that every
transaction that meets
the specified conditions
is validated
using face scan via kbiz_kplus

This regulation will take effect
on August 19, 2023.

Transactional conditions involve:

  1. Financial transactions with exceeding 200,000 baht per transaction.
  2. A total value of 1,000,000 baht or more in financial transactions on the same day.

Three crucial points to take into account about transaction confirmation with K PLUS

  1. Customers who have not used the K PLUS service before can learn about the installation process and how to sign up for additional services at Here
  2. To verify your identity with K PLUS, you must use the same phone number that is registered with K BIZ. In the K BIZ system, you can easily update your phone number. More information
  3. Customers with K PLUS who are unable to proceed due to not having registered their face with the bank can confirm their identity by using their ID card at ATMs with the K-Check ID symbol or at Kasikorn Bank branches.