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How to sign up K BIZ


  • Single applicant ages 15 years old and over
  • Using K PLUS application
  • No User ID of K BIZ service
  • An email address
  • An active mobile phone to be a verification tool or reception of OTP password
  • Must have application K PLUS for self-signing up via KBank website. In case of you do not have application K PLUS yet, you can sign up at Branch.


  • Foreigner can apply by submitting identity affidavit at Branch.
  • Sign up at Branch : Support for Signing up for foreigner and Be able to add multiple users at beginning of signing up for K BIZ


  • Business applicant has savings account or current account with KASIKORNBANK.
  • Business applicant requires company certificate / letter of appointment.
  • Business applicant requires accordance signature showed up on application form.
  • Company, public limited company, and limited partnership that have never signed up for K BIZ.
  • An email address
  • An active mobile phone to be a verification tool or reception of OTP password


  • For multi-user, maker and authorizer, must have K PLUS as a transaction confirmation tool.
  • Sign up at Branch by applying via Tablet: Authorized director is able to verify identity via K PLUS without a need to visit branch and to instantly access after all authorized directors already sign of.

Required Documents

  • Copy of company certification within 3 months mean or copy of company registration document
  • Copy of ID Card or Passport (Not expire as sign-up date) of the authorized director of the Company and Copy of User’s ID Card

Steps of Signing Up K BIZ via K PLUS

วิธีสมัครบริการ K BIZ, สมัคร K BIZ, KBank Online Banking (1/9)
  • Click Sign Up K BIZ
  • Fill “ID card number” “Phone number registered with K PLUS” “Referral code” and click “Next”

Register step 2
  • Get OTP from SMS in order to verify, then “Next”

Register step 2
  • Verify by K PLUS, then “Next”

Register step 2
  • Open Scan function on K PLUS to scan on-screen QR Code


  • In case of signing up on the same device as K PLUS, click Link to continue processing
Register step 3
  • Accept Checkbox “Term and condition”, then “Next”

Register step 4
  • Choose your “Daily limit”, then “Next”

Register step 5
  • Set new “User ID and password”, then “Next”

Register step 6
  • Review your information, then “Confirm”

Register step 6
  • Complete sign-up

Apply Channel for K BIZ

Apply Channel

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