The master brand of Kasikorn Bank Group which consists of Kasikorn Bank and K Companies. This master brand signifies the dedication to professionally provide excellent financial services and products as well as best customer experiences to our customers from all walks of life.


The Meaning

The water element leads to the wood element, and the wood element leads to the fire element, which is the balanced and harmonious combination of the elements leading to prosperity and growth.


The Circle

Symbolizes balance, continuity and complete perfection.


Sheaves of Rice

Symbolizes growth and prosperity.



Symbolizes water nourishing the rice, promoting growth and prosperity.

Water symbolizes money. The number of wavy lines, six, represents the 6th Star, the Money Star, corresponding to the banking business.



Green is the color of the wood element, matching the year when the bank was established: the year of wood.



Gray is the color of the water element, and the dark shade represents deep water, symbolizing an abundance of financial resources.



Red is the color of the fire element, which symbolizes the balance between the water and wood elements.​