KBank joins four partners to unveil Dendo Drive House

          ​​​​KASIKORNBANK has worked with its leading partners, including KASIKORN LEASING Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd., INNOPOWER Company Limited and SCG Roofing in launching the Dendo Drive House campaign. The new energy ecosystem, which is the first of its kind in Thailand, allows PHEV drivers to generate, store and supply energy automatically between their vehicles and residences (known as ‘Vehicle to Home’ or V2H). Customers who buy a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and join this campaign are entitled to multiple privileges, including special interest rate for auto loan at 1.95 percent with down payment of 25 percent, Green Zero Home Loan for solar panel installation with interest-free repayment for three months, and a discount of 70,000 Baht on the solar panel price together with a free bi-directional charger valued at 290,000 Baht. 

          Ms. Chalarat Phinitbenchaphol, KBank Executive Vice President said, “The synergy of five organizations aims to encourage Thai people to ‘go green’ as we are committed to achieving the net zero goal. This collaboration is part of the GO GREEN Together project of KBank which pioneers a comprehensive Green Ecosystem. KBank has supported the launch of green financial products and services in our drive towards a green society. Notable initiatives include loan for solar panel installation and EV loan. This cooperative effort aims to help Thai people embrace a green lifestyle with ease through the offering of financing for solar rooftop installation at special interest rates plus multiple benefits.”
          Mr. Tirachart Chiracharasporn​, KLeasing Managing Director, said, “Guided by our GO GREEN Together’ policy encouraging all Thais to take collaborative action in saving our planet, KLeasing has launched a special campaign for customers who purchase a new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Under the new criteria, such customers who have applied for an auto loan for new car with KLeasing will get a special interest rate at 1.95 percent, plus other privileges per the new criteria of the Office of Consumer Protection Board (OCPB), without having to wait until January 10, 2023, when they come into force. Eligible customers will get a step-up discount upon their prepayment to close their account before the loan is due, based on the number of installments for which the loan has been repaid. If the installment payment amount is less than one-third of the installment payment plan, the car buyer will be eligible for a 60-percent discount on the remaining interest. If installment payment amount exceeds one-third of the installment payment plan, the car buyer will get a 70-percent discount on the remaining interest. If installment payment amount exceeds two-thirds of the installment payment plan, the car buyer will get a discount of 100 percent.” 
          Mr. Arata Takahashi, Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy Unit, Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “Central to this campaign, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is more than just a plug-in electric vehicle. It represents a transformation in energy infrastructure and modern lifestyles. PHEV owners are now able to own the full Dendo Drive House package and technology which is capable of generating, storing and supplying solar energy between vehicles and homes seamlessly. The Dendo Drive House technology has the potential to bring long-term savings in electricity costs and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power generation. This is aligned with Mitsubishi Motors Thailand’s commitment to protect the environment and preserve natural resources in sustainable ways.” 
          Mr. Tun Liangpaiboon, Head of Venture Builder, INNOPOWER Company Limited, said, “INNOPOWER has a mission to explore and develop energy innovation to serve as a catalyst for Energy Transition in the drive towards a Sustainable Ecosystem. As part of this project, we have introduced Wallbox Quasar, a home-use DC bi-directional EV charger, allowing EV owners to use the EV battery to power their home. This technology also supports the transition towards renewable energy that will become more decentralized in the future. This Quasar bi-directional EV charger was developed by Wallbox Charger, for which INNOPOWER is the sole authorized distributor in Thailand.” 
          Mr. Dayin Kiatkwankul, Head of SCG Home Consumer Solution Development, SCG, said, “SCG aims to fully promote environmentally friendly goods and services, especially clean energy, like SCG Solar Roof Solution. It has therefore developed solutions to meet the needs of customers whose patterns of home electricity use are varied. These solutions range from ‘On-Grid System’ solar roofs which suit households that use electricity mainly during daytime hours, and ‘Hybrid System’ solar roofs, which are able to store electricity for use during both the day and night. The roofs come with an application that can monitor electricity consumption, electricity generation and electricity costs in real time. This raises the quality of home life to be ‘Smart Living’ through the incorporation of technology into habitation.” 
          The Dendo Drive House technology is an innovative energy ecosystem that can generate, store and share energy by converting solar energy into electricity through solar panels. The system consists of the battery of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), a bi-directional charger, solar panels, and an Energy Storage System (ESS). The ESS is a storage battery designed for home use. The technology allows Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV owners to charge their vehicles at grid power and to supply electricity from their vehicles to the home. Apart from fuel savings, the Dendo Drive House also offers homeowners the opportunity for cost savings in their electricity bills by using leftover electricity in the ESS and the vehicle’s battery. It also serves as a reliable source of backup power in case of an emergency or power outage. We can be prepared for changing lifestyles by adopting a clean energy ecosystem to use in daily life, moving towards a sustainable future. 
          Customers who buy a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and join the Dendo Drive House campaign are entitled to special privileges as follows: 
  • ​Special interest rate for KLeasing’s Auto Loan (New Car) at 1.95 percent with down payment of 25 percent 
  • Free bi-directional charger valued at 290,000 Baht from Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) when applying for an Auto Loan (New Car) with KLeasing 
  • Green Zero Home Loan for solar panel installation with interest-free repayment for three months 
  • Existing Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV owners can buy a bi-directional charger at a special price and get 10-percent cashback when paying with a KBank Credit Card and redeeming K Points equal to the spending amount. 
  • A discount of up to 70,000 Baht on solar panels from SCG Roofing 
            Interested persons can join this campaign to enjoy the promotion and special privileges from today until December 30, 2022. For more details, please visit https://kbank.co/3tKxkQ3 , contact any KBank branch, or call the K-Contact Center at 02-888-8888. ​