Coral unveils Coral Collect app, releasing ‘NFT Superfan Box Now & Forever Thongchai’

          Coral, an NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace for buying and selling digital collectibles, has partnered with GMM Music on a new project, launching 'NFT Superfan Box Now & Forever Thongchai', which offers the opportunity to own memories from past 'BABB BIRD BIRD' concerts performed by Thongchai “Bird" McIntyre. Fans of Thailand's beloved superstar will also get the chance to collect MULTIBIRD NFT free digital collectibles along with the launch of the Coral Collect application that allows users to collect digital collectibles in their own wallets.

           Mr. Thanaarmates Arriyavat, Senior Venture Director, KX, said, “Coral is dedicated to transforming collectibles into digital forms using NFT and blockchain technology. We aim to establish ownership rights in the digital world - and change the perception of NFTs from being a complex technology into treasured collectibles, allowing individuals to preserve memories as digital collectibles. Coral also serves as a new channel for fans of artists, celebrities, brands, or artworks to express their passion. Aside from the NFT marketplace, Coral recently launched Coral Collect, an application to store digital collectibles in their own wallets on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Presently, users cannot transfer NFTs to other wallets or receive NFTs from other wallets. The Coral Ecosystem, therefore, is likened to a prestigious digital collection layer for preserving good memories from important events for everyone."

           Coral's main goal is to drive the digital collectible marketplace in Thailand and serve as an intermediary that connects brands with their fans. Coral also aims to introduce a new relationship model that benefits both users and businesses, as well as becoming a communication channel for customers in building digital communities. We want to create meaningful campaigns and develop features to propel digital collectibles in various industries, including entertainment, sports, art, food, and others. Such endeavors are intended to reach diverse audiences and serve diverse user preferences, as reflected in the collaborative effort with GMM Music in developing NFTs for the recent Thongchai “Bird" McIntyre concert.

          Ms. Jipattikal Panikbutr, Executive Vice President, GMM Digital, GMM Music, added, “The collaboration between Coral and GMM Music consists of two parts. The first part is the 'NFT Superfan Box Now & Forever Thongchai', which has been available for purchase since November 6, 2023 on Coral. The second part is the distribution of the MULTIBIRD digital collectibles for Bird Thongchai fans who hold concert tickets to serve as special mementos. The 'NFT Superfan Box Now & Forever Thongchai' represents the first-ever digital collectibles of its kind, a love and memory box that can be owned. It is a tribute project for fans, specially designed for 12th 'BABB BIRD BIRD' concert consisting of 22 designs, each available in 10 colors, priced at 35,000 Baht, with only 220 limited pieces available. Moreover, GMM Music is offering a special promotion for those who purchase the NFTs before December 5, 2023."

           The 'NFT Superfan Box Now & Forever Thongchai' collection is available for purchase on Coral's website https://coralworld.co. In addition, Bird Thongchai fans who attended the concert can claim their MULTIBIRD NFT digital collectibles via Coral Collect (available for download at https://coralworld.page.link/zXbp) until December 31, 2023.​