Is K PLUS compatible with every mobile phone’s screen ?


What is included in the “Investment” function ?

The “Investment” function simplifies the purchase/redemption of funds, displays mutual funds’ historical prices in a graphical format, and recommends interesting funds to customers.

What is “My Favorites” ?

“My Favorites” allows customers to save frequently-completed transactions for greater convenience. When the system is updated to a new version, your favorite transactions will also be copied automatically to the newer version.

How can I request a loan on K PLUS ?

You may request a loan on K PLUS by following the steps below.

  • Choose the “Banking” menu and log in to the system.
  • Choose the “Loan” menu.
  • Choose the loan that you are interested in.
  • Choose “Contact Me” to have an officer contact you later.
What is the maximum number of orders that I can save in “My Orders” ?

You can save as many orders as you want.

Can I customize K PLUS’s home page ?

Yes. You can reset your Profile Settings, which includes selecting your desired profile picture and username, and you can add your favorite transactions to your “Home” page to facilitate faster transactions.