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Possibility to make an impact

Unlock your true potential.
Join us for endless opportunities.

Explore endless opportunities with us.

Limitless Growth

Spread your wings. K+ is expanding to AEC.

Join us to show the world what you are capable of. KBank offers plenty of opportunities, both in Thailand and abroad, to get hands-on and prove yourself. Plus, you’ll be supported by open-minded teams and leaders who will give you the freedom to learn by doing.

Talented People

Accessible finance through “Social Banking”

Join forces with talented colleagues. Play in team with diverse skills and background, guided by inspiring leaders who work alongside you to achieve common goals.

Better Opportunities through Powerful Resources

Buy now, pay later. Improve people’s lives through “Digital Lending”

Fail where you actually can. Equipped with abundant capital to invest, broad customer bases, cutting-edge technologies, as well as national and international partners, KBank offers powerful resources as a cushion for your failures, learnings, and innovation to improve people’s lives and businesses.

Why Us?

Grow beyond your expectations. At Kbank,
you can be your full potential self.

  • Limitless Growth

    Exceed your expectations and reach every goal.

  • Talented People

    Join the right team.
    Win every opportunity.

  • Better Opportunities through
    Powerful Resources

with the Finest Talents

Work with the Finest Talents

Explore the work experience at KBank

Join us in moving towards becoming a Challenger Bank to help raise the quality of lives and businesses for a better future.

Live the "Life" You Desire

Work with the Finest Talents

Work-life Harmony at KBank

Work with the team that fosters “positive mindset” to create work that FITS and gain freedom to live the life you desire.

Our awards

Are you facing these problems?

We know you can’t shine when there’s no opportunity to show your talent, face toxic environment and have no resources to fail forward.