Better Opportunities through
Powerful Resources

Extensive opportunities in a litmitless organization

Buy now, pay later.
Improve people’s lives through “Digital Lending”

Fail where you actually can. Equipped with abundant capital to invest, broad customer bases, cutting-edge technologies, as well as national and international partners, KBank offers powerful resources as a cushion for your failures, learnings, and innovation to improve people’s lives and businesses.

Now, we have the strengths that is second to none

We are secure, reliable, and able to meet customers’ needs. That is the modern type of banking, and what we are doing is blending the DNA of the successful challenger bank, which has begun to disrupt the financial and banking, into the DNA of KBank.

Kattiya Indaravijaya (KBANK CEO)

Challenger Bank

“Transform KBank’s services”

KBank brings forth financial innovations and prepares our high potential team to elevate the quality of life of everyone.

  • Thailand’s first Social Banking

    A new form of banking services on a digital platform where users can complete all financial transactions in one application.

    Credit for the underbanked

    Assist underbanked customers in acquiring a line of credit for the purchase of necessary goods and provide them equitable access to loans in the system.

No.1 Digital Payment in Thailand

The country’s most used financial platform


“Fulfill customers who need financial support in terms of payment, credit and wealth”

KBank possesses a database resource equivalent to 132 trillion pages of A4 paper that can be placed next to each other for the distance of 50 round trips to the moon. It gives us the most powerful financial data to predict the future of finance.

Possibility Hacks 2022

“Open for outside-the-box ideas”

Allow all employees to express their ideas through the Possibility Hacks project which provides them knowledge and investment funds in order to create prototypes for the next KBank products and services.