Limitless Growth

Challenge yourself, stretch your goals

Spread your wings. K+ is expanding to AEC.

Join us to show the world what you are capable of. KBank offers plenty of opportunities, both in Thailand and abroad, to get hands-on and prove yourself. Plus, you’ll be supported by open-minded teams and leaders who will give you the freedom to learn by doing.

Improve your skills and grow your career

Because “Employees Are Our Most Valuable Assets”. To achieve corporate goals and employees’ personal life goals, we aim to design a learning process that meets the needs of them.
Make you a successful leader and be able to work effectively with others.
Evolve your capabilities to face new challenges in the ever-changing world.
Prepare you for the new world of work and work-life Integration.

Lifelong Learning

Never miss an opportunity to grow
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    KBank’s online learning center that associates with domestic and international learning partners.
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    Provides accessible learning courses in the form of Micro-learning via Line Official Account: KONNECT+.
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    Inspirational place for learning and working, including our learning center and modern co-working space.

Development Programs

Evolve your capabilities
Management Development Program

“Strengthen” leadership skills

In this era, the role of leadership is challenging and constantly changing. KBank is determined to develop visionary leaders who think strategically and can serve as examples for all employees in coping with changes through Management Development Program (MDP).
Next Generation Leader Development Program

“Groom” the new generation of leaders

KBank recognizes the importance of capable employees who are the organization’s main driving force. Therefore, we aim to develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities so that our employees can grow into leaders in the future.
All KBankers Development Program

“Push” the potential of employees

To unleash the employees’ potential, KBank fully supports learning and development through international-standard courses called K-Academy which focuses on action learning.

Take every step with the greatest opportunity.

Education lays a strong foundation for the progress of a society and a nation. As part of our effort to drive forward our organization and society, since 1966, KBank has awarded scholarships to our employees and the general public.
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