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KBank Private Banking


KBank Private Banking

Perfect Wealth means wealth with happiness. You can live your life worry-free with your loved ones at KASIKORNBANK

KBank Private Banking or KPB aims to provide personalized financial advisory services encompassing the management of assets across all dimensions in alignment with international standards. The services range from wealth preservation, to wealth growth and wealth transfer. Our aim is to allow our most valued clients to avoid worrying about their asset management and enjoy Perfect Wealth.

Perfect Wealth

From our long experience in providing private banking services in Thailand, we at KBank Private Banking have learned that an abundance of wealth is not synonymous with “Perfect Wealth”.

For us, holding assets worry-free and spending your life as you wish are the true meaning of “Perfect Wealth”.

KBank Private Banking has embraced “Perfect Wealth” as our core philosophy, as we are determined to deliver services that meet your wealth-related needs while creating happiness for the worry-free lives of our most valued clients.

The International Comprehensive Wealth Management Service

KBank Private Banking offers personalized financial advisory services of KASIKORNBANK (KBank) to our clients having deposits and/or investments of not less than 50 million Baht with the Bank.

Our major aim is to deliver “Perfect Wealth” to our most valued clients. The service is specifically designed to encompass all dimensions of asset management, whether your own or your family’s, to ensure sustainable returns and meet all wealth-related needs, ranging from wealth preservation, to wealth growth and wealth transfer. KBank Private Banking offers five main services, namely Investment Advisory / Family Wealth Planning Service / Real Estate Advisory Services / Non-Capital Market Solutions / Lombard Financing and Land Loan for Investment

Team of Experts

All of the advice and services that KBank Private Banking provides to our clients are the product of a team of experts from KBank and our world-class strategic alliances. Blending all of their knowledge, and in-depth understanding of your specific needs,


Our private bankers can deliver international comprehensive wealth management services under tailor-made operational plans for the optimum benefit and utmost client satisfaction.

Go Further with Partners

Great partnerships hold the key to sustainable success.


KBank Private Banking has collaborated with various world-class partners to create services and advice exclusively for you. One of our strategic alliances is Lombard Odier – among the world’s oldest private bankers, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Starting as a private bank in 1796, Lombard Odier has gained vast experience in providing advisory services to high net worth individual clients worldwide while thriving through multiple crises and episodes of global market volatility. KBank Private Banking’s clients can enjoy the exclusive privilege of accessing the services offered by Lombard Odier – a world-renowned private bank that has long experience and knowledge spanning more than 200 years.

Awards and Recognitions

Given our continuous improvement and development of our services, KBank Private Banking has earned valuable recognitions from various leading international institutions every year.


We feel grateful for all of our clients who provide us the opportunity to prove ourselves. We promise that we will never cease to raise the bar of our own private banking service and of Thailand to be on par with International Standards.

KBank Private Banking reserves the right to offer services to clients having deposits and/or investments of not less than 50 million Baht with KBank