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Happiness is a foundation of all lives. Wealth that brings with happiness is akin to a tree with deep roots with expanding branches for sharing contentment with others.


As Sharing Brings about Happiness

Sharing is one of the three core strategies of KBank Prviate Banking, along with Sustainability and S-Curve. We aim to broaden your investment perspectives to create benefits for yourself and society at large. How can we maximize the use of our donations for the development and benefit of society, especially for those in need? This is the main challenge in creating sustainability for sharing. Currently, several charitable organizations are struggling with three major issues, i.e., fund raising, organizational management and donation management. These intertwined issues prevent several charities from organizing activities to fully benefit the society per their resolve.

KBank Private Banking aims to provide support for the work of charities through the creation of a “sustainable sharing” circle to eliminate such problems. To this end, a network of donors and recipients has been connected to ensure continual sharing. Along with this, we have provided charitable organizations with knowledge on organizational and donation management for enhanced efficiency and sustainability. These efforts will help charities to be self-efficient and achieve their missions in creating benefits for society.


How to Share Sustainably