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KBank Private Banking



New Economy Will Prevail

A ‘New Economy’ emerged as businesses undergo cycles of competition, innovation and technological advancement. This in turn create generous profit for investors. Comparatively old enonomy tends to discourage new ideas and often began to lose its competitiveness. 

It’s time for investors and all other sectors in Thailand to shift their focus to new industries with ample growth potential or 'S-Curve' industries. 

Aside from Sustainability and Sharing, S-Curve is one of the three core strategies of KBank Private Banking that aims to seek opportunity in creating returns while propelling businesses and the country towards a new economy. 

KBank Private Banking is ready to support your business to achieve S-Curve growth through our advice on investment in companies with cutting-edge technology and innovations around the globe through multiple tools like mutual funds. By investing in industries of the future, you can be a part of S-Curve industries. 

What’s more, Non-Capital Market Solution also offers advice to create a new S-Curve for your business. 

For the long-term perspective, investing in next-generation industries will provide you a chance to learn and adapt to the world’s evolving trends. Thus, you will always be ready to create a new S-Curve and never fall behind.


Opportunity to Grow with The New Economy and Future Enterprises