K-Payroll Benefits
With special Privileges Exclusive for KBank Payroll Customers

Open account* and enjoy high-interest deposit, low-interest loan.

*only employees whose company uses KBank Payroll service.


Extra 0.25% interest rate.

Get 0.25% extra interest rate / year on top of announced rate.*
For short-term deposit (3 months) with deposit of 10,000 - 1,000,000 baht (Until 31 December 2017)

*According to the deposit interest rates announced by the bank on the day of deposit.


Extra 0.25% interest rate. Flexible withdrawal.

Get 0.25% extra interest rate / year on top of announced rate*
For 9-month fixed deposit of 9,000 - 1,000,000 baht (Until 31 December 2017)

*According to the deposit interest rates announced by the bank on the day of deposit.


0.5% Cash Back for
LTF / RMF investment
​through K-Saving Plan service.

​(Until 31 October 2017)


Details of LTF/RMF

Mutual FundSymbolInvestment PolicyRisk Level
THAI Equity6
Government Bond3
Fixed Income4
Thai & Foreign Equity6

    ​Terms and Conditions

    • ​​The promotion is reserved for individuals with K-Payroll Benefit accounts who are first-time investors of K-MONEY through the K-Saving Plan (new clients of K-Saving Plan) within the year 2016. Clients must maintain their possession of K-Payroll Benefit accounts until 30 December 2016 to be eligible for the campaign
    • The bank evaluates the privileges by calculating the client’s net investment capital in K-MONEY through the K-Saving Plan up to 30 December 2016 (privileges are evaluated since the first day of the client’s K-Payroll Benefit account during the year 2016.) For example, a client invested 2,000 baht per month in K-MONEY through the K-Saving Plan during the period of January-December 2016. The client invested additional cash into K-MONEY during October and sold the fund in November. The total amount of capital considered for this client’s promotional privileges as of 30 December 2016 are calculated as shown in the table. The investment capital considered for promotional privileges shall not exceed the total amount invested in K-MONEY through the K-Saving Plan
    • The bank will transfer 0.2% Cash Back of the net investment capital in K-MONEY eligible for privileges to the clients within 25 January 2017. The total amount of Cash Back will be transferred into the client’s savings account that was linked with K-MONEY (K-Payroll Benefit)
    • The promotion is reserved for one individual per account (the payroll bank account must have only one owner). The client’s K-Payroll Benefit account will be debited to pay for investments made through the K-Saving Plan
    • The bank reserves the right to amend terms and conditions without prior notice
    • Investors receiving privileges from this promotion may not obtain additional benefits from other promotional campaigns during the same period of time
    • In the case of a dispute, the bank’s decision shall be considered as final

    Investors are recommended to study the financial products, remuneration terms, and risks before investing in K-MONEY, bonds and deposits. The volatility of interest rates may affect the short-term value of investment.

    For more information, please refer to the following sources: K-Payroll Contact Center 02-8888888 press 851 or www.kasikornbank.com​​


A 150 baht loaded Starbucks card.

On application of Pro Saving 1525 or Pro Saving 1520*

*For the premium of 40,000 baht and above only, limited to an authorized annual insurance.


Fee waiver.


Free! 2 months subscription when applying for K-mAlert at branches near you or K-Contact Center (Until 31 December 2017​)





  • Clients who applied for the service at a branch shall pay a 20 baht fee for the first month, with the fee waiver being applied on the second and third months of service. After the two-month fee waiver period, the clients shall pay a monthly fee of 20 baht for the service
  • Clients who applied for the service through the K-Contact Center will receive the fee waiver on the first and second months of service. After the two-month fee waiver period, a monthly fee of 20 baht shall be debited from the clients’ accounts
  • If the bank is unable to debit the service fee from the client’s account, the fee shall be collected along with next month’s payment. The client’s account will be debited twice, with each debit having a value of 20 baht
  • Clients who apply for K-mAlert through the ATM and K-Mobile Banking PLUS will not be eligible for the monthly service and the two-month fee waiver
  • Please visit the KBank website for additional information on the terms and conditions of K-mAlert


Your financial intelligence.

K-Expert Center, Chamchuri Square, 2nd Floor, Residence Zone

360 Workshops

Gain knowledge and financial management techniques from experts.

K-Expert Consulting Corner

By a team of professional financial planner from the Thai Financial Planner Association.

Self-learning zone

Source of knowledge and tools to help achieve every goal.


Low-interest loans.
For different needs.

K-Home Loan



K-Home Loan Privileges​

K-Home Loan offers selections of special low interest rates for K-Payroll Benefit customers with special low interest rates (This promotion applies for application between 1 June – 30 September 2017​)​

Interest rateYear 1Year 2Year 3To the end of contract​
Option 11.00%MRR – 1.50%*
Option 23.30%MRR – 1.50%*
Option 34.05%MRR – 1.50%*
Option 4MRR – 4.20%MRR – 1.50%*
Option 5MRR – 3.40​%MRR – 1.50%*
Option 6​
MRR – 2.40% (entire duration of contract)

*After above period, the Bank will charge a floating rate of MRR – 0.75%* (in case of commercial house, the Bank will allow to choose interest rate type 1 – 6 only) except the vacant land.​

Get an additional loan rate reduction of up to 0.25% over the 1st year by meeting the following conditions.​

  • Purchase a “Pitaksin-Home/Senior life insurance policy (MRTA)” covering 100-percent sum of K-Home Loan limit insured,  and selects the protection period that covers the entire loan term. ( 0.25% reduction)
  • Purchase a “Pitaksin-Home/Senior life insurance policy (MRTA)” per other criteria stipulated above. (0.12% reduction)

Privileges of K-Personal Loan for Owners of KBank Payroll Accounts

Ready-to-use cash to fulfill every spending plan.

Enjoy privileges reserved for K-Payroll clients.

  • Special Interest Rates: A Minimum All-Year Rate of 17%, with principal and interest amount reductions
  • Minimum Salary of 15,000 baht
  • The credit limit shall not exceed 5 times the salary level and will not be greater than 1.5 million baht

Credit LimitInterest Rate (Per Annum)*Payment Period (Months)
Credit Limit of 240,001 baht and above17%12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 60
Credit Limit of 80,000 – 240,000 baht21%12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 60
From 20,001 – 80,000 baht25%12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 60
From 10,000 – 20,000 baht25%12, 18, 24

*In the case of a credit limit less than or equal to 20,000 baht, clients must select 12, 18, or 24 payment periods (months).

  • No collateral or guarantors required
  • Clients that held KBank payroll accounts for at least 7 consecutive months are exempted from presenting income statements


  • Payments of the principal and the interest are based on the regulations of K-Personal Loan for Payroll
  • The bank will assess its database and debit from the client’s account on the date in which the client receives a monthly salary. In the case where the bank does not operate on the regular monthly debiting date, the bank shall debit the client’s account on its last operating day. The fee for terminating the loan before the agreement period within 24 months is 1% - credit limit. The interest penalty for defaults and early loan payoffs shall not exceed 28%
  • This loan is reserved for employees of companies/organizations with K-Payroll

K-Auto Finance Privileges

Enjoy 0.20% interest reduction per annum when purchasing a new vehicle.

Special privileges reserved for owners of K-Payroll who purchase new vehicles through K-Auto Finance.

Terms and Conditions

  • The privileges are only applicable for new vehicles. The reduction only applies to the interest rate on the loan application date
  • Remove the coupon from the K-Payroll Benefits Booklet and present to the staff on the contract signing day to receive interest rate reduction from Kasikorn Leasing
  • The company reserves the right to amend terms and conditions without prior notice

K-CAR to CASH Privileges

Receive interest rate reduction of 0.55% when exchanging car for cash.

Remove the coupon from the K-Payroll Benefits Booklet and present to the staff on K-CAR to CASH application day.

Terms and Conditions

  • Reserved for owners of K-Payroll Benefits
  • The applicant must be the lawful owner of the vehicle for at least 6 months. The applicant must be no more than 55 years of age
  • The applicant must have a minimum salary of 10,000 baht (provincial areas) or 15,000 baht (Bangkok and Bangkok Metropolitan Region). The applicant must hold the current job position for at least 1 year
  • The vehicle must be in normal condition and no more than 10 years of age
  • The applicant must not have any bad debt records in the National Credit Bureau. The total amount of debt held by the applicant - both in the National Credit Bureau and from K-CAR to CASH – must not exceed 60% of the applicant’s income
  • Other terms and conditions will be based on regulations of Kasikorn Leasing​​


Exclusive privileges,
for KBank card holders.

Until 31 December 2017


Special Interest Rates with Reductions on the Principal and the Interest – A Minimum Rate of 18%

for KBank Payroll customers with K-Express Cash card.

5 times the applicant’s monthly income, or up to 1.5 million baht

Credit limitInterest rate / year
240,001 baht and above20%
80,001 - 240,000 baht24%
No greater than 80,000 baht27%

No statement of income required for customers who receive salary through KBank payroll account for at least 7 consecutive months

K-Express Cash
Apply now ​


  • The client must pay for the outstanding balance by debiting their payroll account. The minimum payment is 5% or 500 baht. The payments shall be made on the date in which the client receives a monthly salary, or on an earlier date closest to the time in which the client receives the monthly salary
  • Reserved for KBank Payroll clients
  • The maximum credit limit is 5 times the applicants’ monthly income. Credit limits are granted according to the evaluation of the bank
  • In the case of non-payment, the bank charges a maximum interest rate of 27% per annum
  • In the case of the client’s resignation or the termination of monthly salary transactions into the KBank Payroll account, the bank shall adjust the K-Express Cash interest rates to the following regular levels: Credit limit less than 80,000 baht: Interest of 27%; Credit limit between 80,001 – 240,000 baht: Interest of 24%; Credit limit of 240,001 baht and above: Interest of 20%
  • Other details are according to the terms and conditions of K-Express Cash for Payroll. The bank may request for additional documents if certain cases do not meet these terms and conditions
  • Reserved for full-time employees​


Special discounts
from famous brands.​


10% off

when spending 400 Baht​

Exclusive car rental deal

starting from 700 Baht/Day


Get 500 Baht discount

​when purchasing digital camera

Get 50 ​Baht off ​

​when purchasing 499 Baht​


Get Free Gift

when purchasing 1,200 Baht


Special health package​​

​10% off of patient charges
5% off medical service charges

​​ ​

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Yoga Class valued at 750 Baht


How to Redeem Privileges

Simply present your KBank payroll savings passbook at any KBank branch nationwide to enjoy these exclusive privileges.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “K-Payroll Benefits” program?

The program provides benefits reserved for clients with KBank Payroll accounts. These include financial, lifestyle, and special event privileges.

How do I know if my payroll saving account is eligible for K-Payroll Benefits?

Eligible accounts receive monthly salaries through the KBank Payroll system registered by their employers. Clients may contact their employers’ Human Resource Department for additional information.

If I apply for K-mAlert via ATM, will I be exempt from paying the service fee for 2 months?

The client will not receive the 2-month fee waiver. The privilege is reserved for clients who apply at a KBank branch or through the K-Contact Center. When applying at a branch, the client shall pay a 20 baht service fee for the first month, where the fee waiver will be applied on the following second and third months. When applying for K-mAlert through K-Contact Center, the client will receive a fee waiver for the first and second months.

Where can I apply for this service? What are documents required for the application?

Simply bring the account’s savings deposit passbook to any branch of KBank nationwide and inform the staffs of the intention to apply for the service.

Upon maturity of the 3-month fixed deposit, will I get an extra interest rate?

Clients wishing to continue their deposits upon maturity must present their savings deposit passbooks to request for the extra interest rate of 0.25% per annum at the bank. The bank shall evaluate the clients’ payroll statuses before granting the extra interest rate.

How large a credit limit can be extended for K-Express Cash for Payroll? What are documents required for the application?

The credit limit can be extended by up to 5 times the client’s income. The client shall present a signed and validated copy of the ID card to the bank. Clients that held KBank payroll accounts for at least 7​ consecutive months are exempted from presenting statement of earnings.

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