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Environmental Aspect

Goal: Ensuring environmental stewardship towards a net zero society
Commitment: We are committed to preserving the environment and reducing the impact of climate change.

KBank aims to empower every customer’s life and business. We support our customers in the transition to a net zero economy. Sustainability is deeply ingrained in how we serve our customers and manage our operations.

We are committed to supporting Thailand and our clients in regional economies on their decarbonization journeys. We will contribute to the global effort to transition to net zero emission by 2050 and will align with the Paris Agreement goals.

We are committed to be the leading sustainable bank in Thailand, allocating at least Baht 100-200 billion in sustainable financing and investment by 2030 and pioneering green banking products.

We commit to becoming net zero in our own operations (Scope 1, 2) by 2030. We commit to achieving net zero in our financed portfolio in line with Thailand’s aspirations, accelerating this journey where possible. We will continually assess opportunities to take earlier actions as the technology, regulatory environment and external context evolves.


Decarbornized financed portfolio emissions in line with Thailand’s ambi​tion, and at the earliest for key material sectors by 2050 where possible

We aim to ensure that businesses have greater access to funds and are capable of managing working capital
more efficiently without harming the environment while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Environmentally friendly and
reducing the environmental
impacts of our own operations

We aim to increase our capacity in reducing our environmental footprint
most effectively in order to transform KBank into a zero carbon organization.


Net zero bank in our own operat​ions by 2030

We strive to effective management of the Bank's environment in order to transform KBank into a zero-carbon organization, in accordance with KBank’s environmental management strategy.


Leader of innovative “Green Finance”
agenda in Thailand


Beyond finance solutions to support
decarbonization in Thailand