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Economic Aspect

Goal: Being an accountable bank to create sustainable profitability
​Commitment: We are committed to strong ESG principles to be a responsible and accountable bank.


Business operations defined by good corporate
governance practices

We conduct our business in a fair and transparent manner, with attention and responsibility to all stakeholders,
to ensure auditability in all operations processes.


Customer Centricity philosophy

We have developed a board range of quality products and services​
to enhance our financial literacy and related benefits via various
programs to assist our customers throughout their lives.​


Adherence to Customer Centricity by initiating financial innovations to meet every aspect of customers’ needs

We constantly explore, develop, and implement innovations, not only to
fulfill the diverse needs of our customers but also to create more
value-added products and services beyond customer expectations.


Efficient risk management focusing
​on environmental, social, and governance
(ESG) issues ​

We adopt consolidated risk management in all sectors of the Bank, to ensure efficiency and compliance with international best practices and principles, thus leading to leading to stable and sustainable business growth.

Emerging Risks 2020 >> ​

Market conduct and customer data security and privacy ​

We control, monitor, and detect our customer data form cyber threats by
using an effective system for integrated risk analyses to create stability
in our IT financial system and ensure customer data security.