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Security tips

Security Tips

How to stay secure when performing digital banking!

More safe and secure when do online transactions on computer, tablet, and smart phone.

Type the web address of KBank URL yourself.

DO NOT access KBank website via a search engine such as Google. Make sure you have activated the security setting if the URL address begins with "https://"

Create unique password and change frequently.

Do not use the same password for the different accounts and avoid password that are easy to guess such as your date of birth or phone numbers. Change your password frequently at least once every 3 months. Do keep your password secret including to don’t write down in full or share them to anyone.

Install anti-virus and malware protection software and always keep them up to date.

Updates iOS, web browser, and application on device regularly to reduce a security vulnerability.

Always log out of the system each time you complete a transaction.

To protect unauthorized person to access you personal information.

Lock smart phone to protect sensitive data.

Set a passcode, lock screen every time when not in use and do not conduct transaction where can be easily seen by someone.

Only download apps from trustworthy sources.

Such as App Store or Google Play. Don’t be afraid of checking the app developer before downloading.

Check Verified Badge

Follow only Facebook , LINE, Twitter, Instagram pages with verified badges to ensure authenticity of identities of key individuals and brands.

Register for SMS and email alerts

Help you be notified of suspicious account or card activities immediately.

Do not access accessing internet banking from a public computer or unsecured WIFI network when performing online transactions.

Avoid using public computer or free WIFI that are unknown source.

Keep your personal data safe.

Beware of a person claiming to be a bank officers who ask for personal data through the telephone and social media channel.

Never “jailbreak” or “root” smart phone.

Never "jailbreak" or "root" your smartphome because it have more risks from virus or maiware and breach to security system.

Do not click links or download programs from SMS, email or suspicious website.

Never disclose any personal details such as your credit card number, user name and password via email to protect you from fraudulent “ Phishing” and “ Scammer” program.

Have any security questions?
If you have any suspicious transactions or questions

Please contact K-Contact Center Tel. 02-8888888

Apply SMS Transaction Alert

​​​​​​​Keep you posted. Every transaction. SMS notification right to your phone. Every account movement.