Think twice!
Be aware before sharing!
Do not post your personal information on social media!

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Social media makes us more connected. The whole world is at your fingertips when you have an Internet connection. The large volume of data on social media can therefore be distributed very quickly.

Many people may think that their social media accounts are their own private zone where they may post whatever they like. In fact, they may forget that their posts are, to some extent, public information. Think twice before posting or sharing any information; consider carefully whether or not it could cause damage. Be on the lookout, as online scammers are always at work. Once they get your information, your account may be compromised or even stolen without any sign! You could unknowingly lose your money!

Be aware before sharing Be aware before sharing

Information you should not post or share on social media

Personal information

Such as real name/last name, birthdate, age, address, telephone number. Hackers may use such data to easily guess your password and then gain access to your banking application and conduct transactions without your authorization. Before you realize it, you may lose all the money in your account!

Credit card picture

Online shopping is a piece of cake! With just your credit card number, expiration date and CVV number, online fraudsters can start shopping right away! It’s not pleasant to get no goods and lose your money! No matter how many credit cards you have, keep all of them secure. Never take a photo of your credit card, post or share it!

Air ticket and passport

Travel is happiness. Oftentimes, you want to tell the whole world how happy you are to make a trip. Did you know that posting an air ticket or passport which contains your personal data online will tell online scammers exactly where and when you will be traveling, and your air ticket may be even cancelled! Worse, your passport may be forged or your personal data may be used to guess your password, with many adverse consequences.

Photos of the interior of your house or your check-in information

Many people want to show off their beautiful house. Sometimes, they just want to make a review of their newly renovated home. This is a double-edged sword! By doing this, you may inadvertently reveal your valuable belongings, together with doorways, windows, CCTV camera coverage, and your house entrance-exit to would-be thieves. Once you are away from home and check in on social media, burglars may take that opportunity to break into your house! This story is often repeated by burglary victims.

Online threats are ever-present. You may put yourself at risk from what you never expect. Sharing your life’s details on social media may have catastrophic consequences. Knowing this, remember to keep personal data confidential. Do not post or share it! Think twice! Be aware! The security of your life and property must be your number-one priority.