Talented People

Join the right team. Win every opportunity.

Accessible finance through “Social Banking”

Join forces with talented colleagues. Play in team with diverse skills and background, guided by inspiring leaders who work alongside you to achieve common goals.

Develop great leaders to take the team further

We know that our employees need a competent and empathetic leader. That is why we focus on developing leaders with these 8 qualities so that every leader in our organization has the ability to lead their team to success.
KBank’s Leadership Values
  • icon_talented_self


    • Self Awareness
  • icon_talented_result


    • Solve the Right Thing
    • Get Things Done
  • icon_talented_team


    • Make Work Meaningful
    • Test and learn
    • Coach and Empower
  • icon_talented_integration


    • In Their Shoes
    • Break Siloes and Help Others

Our awards


Agile Way of Work

Try and learn together
Promotes agile teamwork by developing the agile mindset and skillset through global-standard courses developed by experts and action learning.

Leadership Development Programs

“We are dedicated to leadership development through programs, including the following:”
  • talented_learder_future_trends_course

    Future Trends course

    Participate in special classes with specialists to get the latest updates about trends in finance and banking in an easy way.
  • talented_learder_the_inspirer_course

    The Inspirer course

    The course invites experienced high-level executives and notable people to share their perspectives and experiences to inspire employees and provide them with knowledge applicable to their work.
  • talented_learder_hi_leader_in_action_series_course

    Hi leader in Action Series course

    The course focuses on leadership values, team coaching, and new-normal working style. The executives of KBank will share experiences and behaviors expected of senior management executives so that employees can understand and bring them to use.