Taweesup Extra plus Life Insurance

3.3 % p.a.* High interest! Life insurance is tax-deductible**
Earn high interest with life insurance!

  • Easy deposits! Minimum only 500 Baht a month!* Tax-free!
  • Easy payments! Insurance premiums from only 1,500 Baht/month *** for Life Insurance: Retirement 60/5
  • Get cash benefits/No health checkup required****
Type of depositInterest rate
Taweesup Special Fixed Deposit 2.25% p.a.*
Taweesup Extra (with purchase of Life Insurance: Endowment 615 Guarantee or Life Insurance: Retirement 60/5) 3.3% p.a.*

(Interest rates as published by KBank on February 15, 2017)

Insurer: Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited


*Details and conditions as established by KBank
**Only premium paid is tax-deductible in accordance with Revenue Department regulations.
*** For a 30-year-old woman in good health applying for Life Insurance: Retirement 60/5 with the sum insured of 100,000 Baht
****Health declaration of the person to be insured on the insurance application form is required as one of the criteria for policy approval and for honoring obligation to pay claims per the policy.

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