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KBank Private Banking

Lombard Financing & Land Loan For Investment


KBank Private Banking

is ready to provide you more opportunities to enjoy better investment returns via Lombard Financing and Land Loan for Investment.

K-Lombard Financing

is an investment loan offered via KBank for HNWI clients, with financial assets as collateral.

Land Loan For Investment

is an investment loan offered via KBank for HNWI clients, with land as collateral.


It is true that our partner, Lombard Odier, also offers these products, but the word ‘Lombard’ used here is the specific name of the loan product, which comes from the name of an Italian merchant residing in the Lombardy Region during the Middle Ages.​



More Opportunities to Receive Better Returns with The Same Investment Amount

One of the outstanding features of K-Lombard Financing is that the credit applicants will receive additional investment funds from their existing securities used as collateral. As a result, they can bolster their investment and have more opportunities to receive additional returns from investment funds.


This means you have greater opportunities to get higher returns from the original investment funds.  



Convert Illiquid Land

into a credit limit for you to invest in any circumstance  

K-Lombard Financing and Land Loan for Investment are important tools that help you to grab investment opportunity. Particularly, Land Loan for Investment serves as an option for you to make use of your lien-free land. By converting illiquid land into highly liquid investment funds, credit applicants will be assured to receive sufficient funds to seize every investment opportunity.




No Opportunities Lost from Increased Land Value,

and you can still pass on your wealth to the next generation

Applicants for Land Loan for Investment may cancel the term loan at any time and shuffle collateral securities which allow them greater flexibility. Therefore, you will not miss any opportunity from rising land value in the future. Additionally, you can still maintain or pass the land down to your children in the future.​ 




Ample Opportunities to Enjoy Higher Returns

Under Certain Conditions

K-Lombard Financing and Land Loan for Investment are products that have been created to offer investors greater opportunities to receive higher returns. However, they are required to comply with the product conditions* such as maintaining the collateral value in accordance with the established conditions. Other factors must also be taken into consideration, such as borrowing costs (interest rates) and risks stemming from investment in volatile markets. Therefore, investment portfolio diversification based on asset allocation is imperative. For further inquiries, you can seek advice on investment strategies and make investment plans with your private banker.
*Product conditions depend on the programs in which the loan applicants participate.


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