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KBank Private Banking

Investment Recommendation

Having closely monitored the situation, KBank Private Banking has developed an economic analysis and investment strategy, called the K-Alpha Wealth Strategy, aimed at creating long-term investment portfolios in Pocket 2 to ensure favorable, regular and sustainable investment returns.


K-Alpha Wealth Strategy

K-Alpha Wealth Strategy (‘K-Alpha’) is KBank Private Banking’s core investment recommendation. Under this strategy, investment is made in a diverse range of asset classes globally, with the primary objectives of creating regular returns, beating inflation and offering our clients opportunities to enjoy additional returns in line with their risk appetite.

‘Alpha’ in terms of investment means the creation of returns that are higher than the index or comparable index. The analysis on K-Alpha therefore does not focus on creating high returns, but returns must be higher than the comparable value in the market at that time.

The recommendations of


are comprised of two parts, as follows:

Core Investment

  • Investment period is more than 3-5 years
  • It is the largest proportion of investment, aimed at creating regular returns under any cyclical change, and development in the financial markets.
  • Emphasis is placed on diversifying investment portfolios in a wide range of asset classes worldwide to create returns from every economic situation and financial market, thus helping diversify risks from any particular asset, which could cause erroneous decisions as a result of panic selling.
  • Recommended funds incl​ude K-ALLROAD-UI or K-ALLGROWTH-UI

Satellite Investment

  • Investment period is 12-18 months
  • To create returns from any cyclical change in the short to medium term or enjoy benefit from the value differentiation at a specific period.
  • Emphasis is placed on creating opportunities to get higher returns during certain economic periods or under select investment themes at any given time.
  • Investment is allocated in accordance with the type of strategy such as growth, income and uncorrelated. 

Risk-Based Asset Allocation

  • In terms of investment allocation, KBank Private Banking uses the principle of risk-based asset allocation or the level of investors’ risk appetite and risk data to compare various asset classes in designing portfolios and adjusting investment proportions.
  • Risk-based asset allocation is more flexible in setting an investment proportion for each asset, because the investment proportion tends to change with market conditions and changing risks of assets.
  • Under such a principle, KBank Private Banking plans to diversify assets as part of our investment portfolio designs, with consideration based primarily on risks of various assets and statistical data. Over the long term, it is expected that returns of all asset classes will be based upon the economic cycle at varying rates.
  • Therefore, success in generating regular returns in every circumstance rests with “risk management”.

Traditional Asset Allocation

  • The important principle that KBank Private Banking uses to manage investment risks is traditional asset allocation, because it helps diversify investment risks among a broad range of asset classes in order to offset risks stemming from the volatility of the different asset classes.
  • Cautious asset allocation requires quite a lot of time and resources. But for KBank Private Banking’s clients, the investment strategy that is based on all principles is summed up in the K-Alpha Wealth Strategy. For this reason, you do not need to go to the trouble of investing by yourself.