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KBank Private Banking

3 Pockets

Asset Allocation strategy is the first step in managing investment portfolio by dividing all investment assets into 3 pockets of wealth.


Pocket 1



15 - 20%


Liquidity Portfolio

Because the investment goal is to maintain liquidity, the focus is therefore placed on assets that are highly liquid and with a value that will not change much, such as deposit and money market fund which mainly invests in short-term debt instruments with good ratings.


Pocket 2



60 - 70%


Long-Term Investment Portfolio

This pocket comprises the largest proportion of assets, and the investment goal is to grow wealth over the long-term. This is the core goal of our investment advice under the K-Alpha Wealth Strategy.


Pocket 3 



15 - 20%


Aspiration Portfolio

The investment goal is to seek higher returns from a specific expertise and ability to cope with risks stemming from high volatility and lack of liquidity, such as direct investment in stocks on various bourses, private equities and property.