K-eSavings Account

Open a deposit account
via It’s easy and convenient!

No minimum opening balance, no documentation required.

No passbook require to initiate transactions.

Transfer funds, top-up, pay bills, apply for a debit card and purchase mutual funds and travel insurance via K PLUS.

Free monthly K-eMail Statement. Statements covering up to the past 12 months could be requested via K PLUS.

Transaction channels

  K PLUS Application Branch ATM K-Contact Center
Transfer / Top up / Pay bills
Request Statement
Apply for SMS Alert
Apply for PromptPay
Apply for Debit Card
Buy travel insurance
Buy mutual funds
Close account
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Note: Transaction limits for each channel are designated by KBank.

Banking in your hand

Many types of transaction funds transfers, top ups, opening accounts and more can be initiated quickly and easily!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is K-eSavings electronic savings account different from regular savings account ? And how can I open an account ?

Highlights of “K-eSavings Account”

  • Convenience : The account can be opened from 12 years old without any account need to be opened with the bank before, more convenient with an online passbook on K PLUS.
  • Security : The online deposit account opens by yourself via K PLUS which is highly secure application. Verifying your identity with national ID card at a K CHECK ID service point (or an NDID service).
  • Free of charge : Open an account with 0-baht, money transfer / top-up / bill payment / receive money from e-wallet and request e-statement via K PLUS.

How to open a K-eSavings account ?

  • For customers who already have K PLUS : The account can be opened through K PLUS up to 5 accounts by depositor without any required service at branch. Once the account is successfully opened, it can be used immediately. Transactions, including opening to closing the account.
  • For new customers: You can download the K PLUS application and fill out the information anytime, anywhere and bring your ID card to verify your identity at a K CHECK ID service point or through the NDID platform. Once the account is successfully opened, it can be used immediately.
Is interest earned on a K-eSavings Account subject to taxes ?

Yes. K-eSavings Account interest in excess of 20,000 Baht a year is subject to the 15% withholding tax.

What is the K Check ID ?

The identity verification service for account opening example K-ATM, bank branch, Big C, Mini Big C, Family Mart, 7-Eleven. Please find the nearest K Check ID location at (Link)

How can I view the e-passbook ?

You can view / download passbook via K PLUS. Go to “Settings” and select “Virtual Passbook”

How can I close a K-eSavings Account ?

You can close the account only via K PLUS. Go to “Settings” and select “Close Account”.

Is there an account maintenance fee for K-eSavings Accounts ?

An account maintenance fee of 50 Baht will be assessed each month that account has been inactive for over 12 consecutive months and the balance is under 2,000 Baht.

Can I open a joint K-eSavings Account ?

No. Joint K-eSavings Accounts are not available.