Online Scams

Online scams is a method of deception or identity theft with the aim of committing fraud, resulting in a wide range of potential damage among its victims.

Victims may suffer the following losses

To victims of identity theft

  • Damage to reputation, or social condemnation
  • Being a criminal suspect and subject to legal penalties

To third parties (those deceived by fraudsters using a stolen identity)

  • Funds transfers resulting in an emptied bank account
  • Loss of money and failure to receive legitimately ordered goods

How do scams work?

Social media account hacking

A fraudster hacks a social media account and impersonates an owner of that account, then instructs their account owner’s friends to carry out a particular action, such as funds transfer.

Fake social media profiles

The victim is tricked into chatting with someone in a fake social media profile and carrying out a particular action, such as funds transfer.

How to protect yourself from scams

What to do when falling victims to scams

Collect evidence related to the fraud and report to the police.

If your social media accounts have been hacked or forged, report it to the Help Center of the affected social media programs.