KBank Digital Academy Mission

  • Provide a mechanism to accelerate the execution of the Digital Transformation Journey by providing learning for those employees executing in their jobs and various projects
  • Accelerate the journey to operate in the new by building basic digital capabilities across organization that improve KBank’s digital maturity
  • Provide a vehicle to rapidly reskill staff that may be redeployed in the future due to changes in current roles as a result of the Digital Transformation implementation
  • Create a set of learning offerings that are re-usable and accessible through physical and online channels that enable just-in time and point of need solutions


KBank Digital Academy Vision

To be a world-class internal institution dedicated to supporting Digital Transformation within the organization in the form of human capital development.


KBank Digital Academy Concept

  • Learning to incorporate digital into day-to-day work practices
  • Learning to build new digital skills to execute digital innovation
  • Learning to drive Digital Transformation

Professionals Development

KBank is now in the digital age. Preparedness for human resource development is instrumental in equipping our personnel with the skills and abilities necessary for performing their duties, to ensure that they will thrive along with KBank. We have thus designed a training roadmap for employees of every position.

Management Development Program
to “strengthen” leadership skills

In the 4.0 era, customer behavior is changing, and businesses must adapt. As technologies become more advanced and new knowledge emerges and evolves each day, the role of leadership has inevitably changed.

KBank is determined to develop visionary leaders who think strategically, and can serve as examples for all employees in coping with change. KBank executives are systematically developed through a Management Development Program (MDP) which includes learning courses provided by external institutions with specific expertise, and special internal seminars given by experts and seasoned executives from leading organizations. Moreover, the K-Coaching Academy has been introduced to develop coaching skills for management in accordance with international standards, so as to maximize their potential and brainstorm creative ideas in order to drive the organization towards sustainable growth.

Next Generation Leader Development Program
to “groom” next-generation leaders

Capable employees are the main thrust of organizational development. Recognizing the importance of these employees, KBank has focused on equipping them with skills, knowledge and abilities indispensable for their leadership development. They are thus provided with multiple forms of distinctive learning as well as advice from internal and external experts to ensure a stable path towards new-generation leadership.

All employees within the program are groomed for leadership and assigned to handle major projects to unleash their full potential, thus enabling them to advance their career with stability. This will help KBank to retain employees with long-term potential, allowing us to devise a succession plan for the executive level.

All KBankers Development Program
to “unleash” the full potential of employees

All employees are instrumental in driving an organization towards the set goal. KBank prioritizes the enhancement of staff members’ skills, knowledge and abilities, taking into account the development of core competencies. To this end, we have made efforts to tap into each employee’s capabilities, so as to maximize their potential and growth with KBank.

To accentuate the digital capability development of our staff members, KBank organizes various relevant learning courses for them, including data analytics, digital mindset, design thinking and agility, among others.

Reach Your Ultimate Goals with the Greatest Opportunity from KBank Scholarship Program

Education lays a strong foundation for the progress of an organization and a nation, alike. Since 1966, KBank has awarded scholarships to our capable employees and the general public for graduate studies at universities at home and abroad, so as to be a part of developing KBank, allowing the recipients to grow with us.

KBank is now offering two Scholarship Programs:

  1. Annual Scholarships which are granted to both KBank employees and the general public, to further their studies whether in Thailand or in other countries
  2. Young Scholarship which are granted to outstanding students who have worked with KBank, to further their master’s degree study at world-renowned universities

Apply https://kbank.co/3KYbWgD

To learn more about the scholarships, please email your inquiry to kbankscholarship@kasikornbank.com