KBank - Garena to launch an easy top-up service via K PLUS

         ​To tap into the gamer market, KBank has joined forces with Garena to launch an easy top-up service via K PLUS. Special promotions will be arranged to give K PLUS customers value-for-money benefits from September 10 to November 10, 2019.
          Ms. Kitiya Rerkpooritat, KBank First Senior Vice President, said “This cooperative effort with Garena will allow KBank to facilitate gamers and gain access to their market, which has lately seen rapid growth. This new service allows gamers to make Garena game top-ups via termgame.com on the K PLUS application or on the AirPay using K-Credit Card or K-Debit Card in line with this tech-savvy segment’s lifestyle. What’s more, KBank has sponsored the RoV Pro League Season 4, which is Thailand’s largest eSports competition, having been hugely successful over the past three seasons. The competition serves as a stepping stone for Thai youths to master their skills in order to emerge as professional eSports athletes in the global arena.
          KBank and Garena are offering double promotions for K PLUS users from September 10 to November 10, 2019, including an additional 10 percent bonus (for an unlimited number of K PLUS users) and an item code of the RoV Skin game at the “Liliana Melody” Legend level when making each top-up of more than 300 Baht (for 1,500 K PLUS users). New KBank customers applying for K PLUS and making a top-up will earn a chance to win the “Cresht” cape, limited edition (200 prizes). Those who do not presently have a KBank account can open a new K-eSavigs account themselves via K PLUS. For more information, click here http://bit.ly/2NCADol
          Dr. Sarut Vanichpun, Director of Sea (Thailand), said “We are pleased to collaborate with KBank, as Thailand’s leading financial institution that has profound experience and an understanding about financial behavior of customers, because KBank will help us improve the game business ecosystem on a broader scale, namely by offering a top-up service via termgame.com with K PLUS that has more than 11 million users. It should be noted that KBank is the first banking-sector supporter of RoV Pro League Season 4, reflecting the shared goal of KBank and Garena in promoting eSports gaming and inspiring RoV gamers to further hone their skills in order to win the competitive tournaments. This will not only drive RoV games forward but also propel Thailand’s eSports community to make its presence felt among international leagues in the future”.
          KBank and Garena believe that the collaboration will expand their respective customer bases due to the greater convenience that the service will provide. Additionally, such cooperation marks an unprecedented and vital effort of the banking sector to advance the lucrative eSports and gaming industries.