Contactless technology for selling movie tickets via automated kiosk

          Major Cineplex Group PCL (MAJOR) has worked with KASIKORN Business-TechnologyGroup (KBTG) and KASIKORNBANK (KBank) in applying contactless technology for selling movie tickets via automated kiosk – a first for Thailand. This innovative technology will allow customers to enjoy their entertainment experience with confidence in the ‘new normal’ era. Customers will use QR code in lieu of a paper movie ticket, in line with the Green Cinema program. KBank notes that the contactless technology adopted by MAJOR provides an enhanced experience and greater convenience for moviegoers while also creating sustainability for the company. 

          Mr. Narute Jiensnong, Chief Marketing Officer, Major Cineplex Group Public Company Limited. noted that the COVID-19 virus remains subject to the implementation of stringent control and preventive measures. Cinemas have been granted approval to open their doors under the ‘Cinema New Normal’ format, wherein strict social distancing rules and hygiene and safety measures must be in place. To this end, the company and KBTG have jointly developed a contactless technology which has been applied to movie ticket sales via automated machines. The e-ticket system responds well to the needs of moviegoers, giving them more confidence in going to the cinema. Film buffs can go contactless and touchless when buying a movie ticket, as paper tickets will become a thing of the past. Instead, moviegoers will get a QR code in their smartphone, easier and faster than paper tickets. More importantly, they can ‘go green’ through using less paper, which can contribute to energy saving and environmental conservation. This innovation is in line with the ‘Green Cinema’ program initiated by MAJOR. This contactless technology will be debuted at Paragon Cineplex and Major CineplexRatchayothin from December 26, 2020 onwards. Major Cineplex will not cease development efforts, as many projects the  company has developed in collaboration with strategic partners will gradually be introduced throughout 2021. The contactless technology is expected to help cut ticket issuance and printing costs by up to 50 percent. 
          Mr. Ruangroj Poonpol, KBTG Chairman, said that KBTG had signed a cooperative agreement with MAJOR, a leading cinema service provider, to use contactless technology in the development of e-tickets, with the aim of offering a contactless and safe cinema experience that meets the current lifestyles of moviegoers. With the contactless technology developed by KBank and KBTG, patrons can select movies and seats, then make payment and scan the QR code shown at the self-service ticket kiosk to get a paperless movie ticket. 
          Mr. Ruangroj Poonpol added that the contactless technology can offer moviegoers a safe cinema experience and create sustainability for MAJOR’s businesses, as it perfectly matches the ‘new normal’ lifestyle of Thai consumers. In addition, it can substantially reduce the use of paper, which will help cut service costs. Other businesses can use the contactless technology developed by KBTG to offer numerous contactless services. For more details on co-innovation with KBTG, please visit www.kbtg.tech/contact, then select Business/Partner Proposals. 
          Mr. Supreecha Limpikanjanakowit, KBank First Senior Vice President, said that the cooperation between KBank, KBTG and Major Cineplex Group PLC in using innovative contactless technology in the entertainment business is the first effort of its kind in Thailand. ReKeep technology is used to provide the digital movie ticket service. Customers only need to scan a QR Code to get a digital movie ticket. This contactless technology can help reduce the use of paper and global warming. It is safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic and is in alignment with KBank’s strategies in promoting a cashless society.