New K-Mobile Banking PLUS

The Best Solution for Financial Mobile Application”

New! Smart financial mobile application from KBank for smartphone (iOS & Android). The best solution for every lifestyle: fast, easy transactions with world class security technology.




Key Features


How to use the App: View Video

Scan QR Code to download

Service Details



Multiple services right in your hand 

  • Balance Inquiry, Funds Transfer, Top-Up and 
    Bill Payments: anywhere, anytime.
  • Locate nearest K-ATM or KBank branch






Banking app

Locate K-ATMs and KBank branches


Immediate balance inquiry – Personalized display

  • Balance inquiry – account balance automatically displayed when your enter your password
  • View every transaction on your account through all KBank channels over the previous five days
  • Personalize wallpaper and account cover display
  • Hide account balance display for privacy

Customize wallpaper,
account cover and
transaction buttons-
quickly and easily


Easily upload photos
for account cover

Change photos
as often as you like

Hide account balance
for privacy

Five-day history of incoming-outgoing transactions through
all Bank channels

Easy one-step Money transfers! Multiple formats!

  • New! Transfers with just a mobile phone number! 
    Just key in recipient’s mobile phone number—the system enters their KBank account  number automatically

    (Only for mobile phone numbers registered with the K-Mobile Banking Plus service and the recipient must allow money transfer by referring to your mobile number function in settings menu.)

  • Use QR Codes--No need to remember account numbers!
    Create QR Codes for your accounts with KBank and other banks and save them in your photo album. Give your Codes to others through e-mail or social messaging and have others provide you with their QR Codes. You can then just scan a QR Code and select “Transfer”, eliminating manual input. Easy, secure, accurate!

    (QR Codes for all transfers must be created and scanned with K-Mobile Banking Plus.)


 Easy graphic-based interbank money transfers 



 Funds transfer via mobile phone 
number. No need for account number

Set up mobile phone-number transfer
function at  “Settings/Account Settings”

transfers via QR Code 

Bill payment via barcode – Scan & Pay on your mobile

Pay your bills easily with your mobile! Scan the barcode and select “Pay”--payment made! The service accommodates major billing accounts, including Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) electricity bills, monthly mobile phone payments, K-Credit Card payments and more than a hundred bills !



Select “Barcode Scan”

Scan bill

Data filled in automatically-
Press “Pay”
Payment complete!

No fee for mobile top-ups –- Easy Pass top-up, easy!

  • Top up your mobile phone: One-2-Call, Happy dtac, TrueMove H. No fee!
  • Top up your Easy Pass instantly. No waiting!

                                                 Top up your mobile phone—all major networks


Easy Pass top-up: Enter Easy Pass no., select amount, press “Top-Up”
 Allow 1-2 hours for top-up to be registered in the Easy Pass system



Reliable security infrastructure

  • Our World class-standard security system for encryption protects data throughout its journey, from the user to the Bank. Handset identification, mobile phone number verification and the user’s PIN ensure access authentication.
  • And if you forget to exit, the App will close automatically after a certain time.
  • Confidence with e-Slips: Slip images with KBank watermark, to be used for verification, will be automatically saved to your phone upon completion



Our World class-standard triple-lock
security protocol verifying handset identification,
mobile number and PIN beats the usual bank standard.
Be assured, no one else can access to your account.

After transaction is complete-
e-Slip is saved to your phone.


Favorite Transactions: templates for easy, rapid execution

  • Your Favorite Transactions saved as templates: send cash to Mom, top up your sweetheart’s phone, pay regular bills—all at a single click!
  • Upload photos or other graphics as icons for your Favorite Transactions.
  • Access Favorite Transactions via the shortcut at the top of every page.


Save Favorite Transactions
Upload image as icon

Access Favorite Transactions
 Shortcut at top of every page


Merchant List


Merchants accepting payment via K-Mobile Banking Plus

Inquire at the K-Contact Center, 02-8888888

How To Apply / Related documents

Activation and important documents

1. Download the K-Mobile Banking PLUS app

iOS (iPhone/iPad): download from App Store; search "K-Mobile Banking PLUS"


Android: download Play Store; search "K-Mobile Banking PLUS"


Scan to download App

Search App Store for
“K-Mobile Banking PLUS"


2. Request Activation Code

   -   Open App, select “Activate Service at K-ATM/Branch”
   -   Select “Request Activation Code”
   -   A six-digit code will be displayed and sent by SMS. Use the code to activate service
       at any K-ATM.



  Select “Activate Service at K-ATM/Branch”; Slide right to last page
and selec “Activation Code”. Code will be displayed and sent to you via SMS.
The code remains valid for 24 hours after which a new code may be requested


3. Activate at K-ATM
    - Select “Funds/Service Application/K-Mobile Banking/Others
    - Select “Activate K-Mobile Banking"
    - Select “K-Mobile Banking PLUS"
    - Select “Activate K-Mobile Banking PLUS


Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number


Enter 6-digit Activation Code


Enter new password for K-Mobile Banking PLUS
SMS confirmation introduces you to immediate access to balance inquiry,
funds transfer, top-up and bill payment services!

Self-registration via K-ATM available 6.00 am – 10.00 pm
Or register via KBank staff at every KBank branch in working hours



Important documents

  • K-Mobile Banking Plus terms and conditions and Product Factsheet Click here
  • Print reference documents for funds transfers/bill payments Click here
  • K-Mobile Banking PLUS Add Account/Daily Limit/Unlock/Cancel Form  Click here



Why do I have to activate New K-Mobile Banking PLUS through a K-ATM?

This is a part of the Bank’s high-level security, confirming through your Card, PIN, and the service activation code obtained through the App, that you personally request K-Mobile Banking PLUS for your own account.  The service may be activated at any K-ATM 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.


If you have any enquiries, please contact K-Contact Center 0 2888 8888 (24 hours) or Email:

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