K-Mobile Banking ATM SIM

A new service on your mobile phone that enables you to check your balance, transfer money, set payment due alerts and pay conveniently as if you had an ATM in your pocket!


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Key Features

The ATM SIM is a SIM card with an added menu that enables you to check your balance, transfer money, set payment due alerts and make bill payments conveniently via your mobile phone.

  • No need to remember your account or SMS No.
  • No need to remember the instruction for transactions
  • No need to enter WAP protocol
  • More secure with password

Simply apply for KBank-dtac ATM SIM and link your mobile phone number to your savings or current account at K-ATM, and you will be able to conduct several banking transactions on your mobile phone right away!

Service Details

Services available on ATM SIM

   -  Check: Check the balance of account / credit card linked to your mobile phone.

   -  Transfer: Transfer money between KBank accounts and to other bank accounts.

   -  Alert:  Set due alerts for payment.

   -  Pay: Make your bill payment to participating merchants.


Transaction limits

You are able to adjust the transaction amount as desired at the daily limit of THB500,000 for the following transactions :

  1. Up to THB100,000 for money transfers to other non-linked accounts
  2. Up to THB 50,000 for interbank money transfers per transaction.
  3. Up to THB500,000 (including item 1) for money transfers between linked accounts and bill payments

Please call our K-Contact Center for any increase or reduction in transaction limits.



Fees for the ATM SIM service consists of:

  1. SMS fee: THB2.00 per transaction
       -  The first 5 transactions per month will be free of charge. In excess of that, a fee of THB2.00 per transaction will be charged.
    (You can check your account from the menu “Transaction Summary”.)
  2. Service fees: the Bank will debit fees from your deposit account at the following rates:
       2.1  Money transfers:
                 -  Within the same clearing district: None
                 -  Across other clearing districts (Including the transaction of money transfer to own accounts and via K-Cyber Banking): Free of charge for the first 5 transactions of each month and Bath 10 per transaction, thereafter.

       2.2  Bill payments: Fees will vary according to the rates agreed upon with the relevant participating merchant.


  1. The above fees, exclusive of VAT are for domestic transactions only.
  2. The Bank will charge the service fee after the transaction is completed and the user receives the reply/confirmation message. SMS fees will be charged according to the number of completed transactions, not the number of SMS sent.
  3. - For post-paid service, service fees will be included in the monthly statement.
    - For pre-paid service, service fees will be debited from the airtime balance immediately.
  4. The Bank at present charges no entrance fee or annual fee. (Nonetheless, the Bank reserves the right to change service fees at the Bank’s discretion with prior notice to users or otherwise announced by the Bank at branches or on the KBank website.)

Terms and Conditions of K-Mobile Banking ATM SIM Service

This agreement is made between KASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “KBank”) and the person to whom KBank has approved to provide K-MOBILE BANKING ATM SIM Service (hereinafter referred to as the “User”).

1.  KBank provides the K-MOBILE BANKING ATM SIM Service only to a person of legal age and reserves the right to consider each applicant based on KBank criteria and procedures.
2. The User shall have a savings, current or credit card account with KBank. 
3. Each savings, current or credit card account can be linked to only one mobile phone number, but one mobile phone number can be linked with several accounts, which are specifically registered for such mobile phone number.
4. The User must  use a mobile phone enrolled in DTAC pre-paid or post-paid mobile phone service, and must have a KBank “ATM SIM”.  Service registration will be completed only when the User receives an SMS confirming approval of their K-MOBILE BANKING ATM SIM Service request sent to the User’s registered mobile phone number.
5.  The User applying for the Service via K-ATM can perform all transactions including account balance inquiry and credit card information inquiry, funds transfer, mobile phone top-up, bill payments, etc.
6. The User applying for the Service via K-Contact Center or the User’s mobile phone cannot perform funds transfer, mobile phone top-up and bill payments (except when the User applies for more service functions via K-ATM or other channels to be provided by KBank in the future).
7. The User shall safeguard the Password and must keep it confidential. If it is not recognized/lost/stolen/invalid, the User should promptly notify the K-Contact Center at Tel. 0 2888 8800, available 24 hours a day.
8. The User can conduct transactions up to a maximum value of 500,000.- Baht per day. However, they can extend this limit up to 2,000,000.- Baht a day and/or other such limit that may be prescribed by KBank in the future. There is no limit to the number of transactions that may be conducted but the aggregate maximum value must not exceed such agreed limit per day. KBank will debit the specified amount plus bank fees from the User’s account, and immediately credit the amount to recipient’s account.
9. The User will receive relevant notifications from KBank after money transfer via K-MOBILE BANKING ATM SIM Service is made. An SMS confirming the transaction will be sent to the User’s mobile phone, aside from being recorded in an account passbook. The User can view and print historical transaction record during the period specified by KBank on the KBank website.
10. Any transaction that has been conducted via K-MOBILE BANKING ATM SIM initiated by the User or other person, resulting from the User’s error/mistake, in any event, shall be deemed as complete and valid after it has been confirmed by the User; the User cannot cancel or change the transaction thereafter.  The User shall promptly check the transaction amount after the transaction has been conducted and shall be liable for the transaction conducted by it in all respects. 
11. All financial, accounting, or any other information provided by KBank via SMS as part of this Service shall be kept confidential with own responsibility; the User shall not divulge it to others.
12. Service fees (excluding VAT) are designated by KBank and shall be debited immediately upon each transaction. No application nor annual fee is charged. However, KBank reserves the right to change service fees as KBank deems appropriate with prior notice or the announcements posted at KBank branch premises, as well as on the KBank website (www.kasikornbank.com).
13. The User agrees to pay K-MOBILE BANKING ATM SIM Service fee, aside from payment of the use of its mobile phone air-time to mobile network operator. When using post-paid mobile phone service, the User can check such charges in the User’s monthly statement issued by the mobile network operator. With pre-paid service, the User can check such charges by contacting the mobile network operator.
14. The Service is provided to facilitate the User in enquiry of financial information, funds transfer, payment of mobile phone service charges and other bill payments. KBank reserves the right not to accept any responsibility for mistakes and/or problem caused by mobile network providers, either in errors, mistakes, delays or damages arising from information transmitted via their network.
15. The User may cancel the K-MOBILE BANKING ATM SIM via K-ATM or K-Contact Center at Tel. 0 2888 8888, or other channels to be  agreed by KBank in the future. A cancellation will be completed when the User receives an SMS confirming the Service cancellation, and KBank shall proceed with the cancellation immediately.
16. If the User finds any error in the Service, or if there is any reason to cancel the Service, the User shall promptly contact KBank via K-Contact Center at Tel. 02-888-8800.
After KBank has been notified by the User of the intent to cancel Service, KBank will cancel the Service within a period specified by KBank. The User shall be liable for actions and transactions undertaken prior to the end of such period of cancellation. The User must inform KBank of the date, time, related parties, transaction amount and details, as well as any other information that KBank may request. KBank will investigate and amend any errors (where found) in compliance with governmental and/or Bank of Thailand’s regulations within 30 (Thirty) days after the date KBank receives all required information. KBank shall notify the User of the result of such investigation within 7 (Seven) days after the date KBank obtains the result; KBank reserves the right to ignore any request that is in contradiction with the rules and regulations of the government and/or Bank of Thailand. Moreover, if there is a loss wherein KBank is required to compensate the User, KBank shall credit that amount to the User’s account within 7 (Seven) days after the date KBank finds the error.
17. The User acknowledges that the Service and related operations – including service channels – provided by KBank are for the convenience of the User.  KBank agrees to be responsible for any damage arising out of the use of the Service if KBank fails to comply with the terms and conditions as specified herein, except where:
17.1   The User has insufficient funds in the User’s account.
17.2   The User has no credit line or the User’s credit line is revoked.
17.3   Funds transfer and/or payment amount exceeds the User’s approved credit limit.
17.4   The User is the party to pending litigation.
17.5   KBank has already informed the User of a Service malfunction prior to, or while conducting funds
  transfer or payment transaction.
17.6   The User has entered the required information completely and correctly, and has confirmed the
  transfer and/or payment.
17.7   The User has breached the conditions of agreement with KBank and/or there is a force majeure.
17.8   KBank fails to comply with an instruction of cancellation notified by the User in accordance with the
  procedures and conditions of this agreement.
17.9   A wrongfully conducted transaction has been committed, but not by the User’s fault.
18. If an interbank money transfer is requested by the User, or the recipient fails to receive the transferred amount, KBank reserves the right to evaluate each individual case for the User or the recipient, as KBank deems appropriate.
19. If any damage arises from equipment or tool(s) employed by the User, or due to mobile network system, KBank reserves the right to be liable for the User or the recipient.
20. If KBank is required to disclose financial information or transactions related to the use of the Service by any governmental or competent authorities per legal provisions, orders or regulations, the User agrees to allow KBank to disclose such information and/or (if requested) prepare any report on relevant information and/or financial transactions of the User for submission to those authorities, in all respects.
21. KBank reserves the right to alter any terms or conditions stated herein as KBank deems appropriate, as well as the right to terminate the Service wholly or in part, or  suspend the Service to any User at any time with prior notice to the User at least 30 (thirty) days in advance, or as required by law.
22. Any delay or omission of KBank in  exercising the rights under the law, or per any terms or conditions including those stated in the Service handbook or KBank’s IVR system, shall not be construed as  a waiver of such KBank’s rights, or as giving the User consent to perform any act.
23. Any correspondence, letter or notice sent by KBank to the User’s specified address shall be deemed to have been duly delivered; such address is considered valid. If the User changes its address, the User shall immediately inform KBank in writing of such change.
24.  The User hereby authorizes KBank, any of KASIKORNBANKGROUP, and any of KBank’s assignees to use the User’s information for the purpose of offering to the User its new/special products, services, special offers and/or for any other purposes.
Merchant List

Prepaid Top-up
  •  Happy


   Select Type

Postpaid Bill Payment
  •  dtac

Select Type


Agent Top-up
  • Happy Online

Select Type


 Credit Card
  • K-Credit Card
  • Standard Chartered
  • Ayudhya Card 
  • KTC Credit Card
  • AEON

Select Type


 Direct Sales
  • Mistine
  • M Power
  • AVON
  • Amway Products
  • Amway Services
  • Amway

Select Type


  • World Vision
  • CU 1000 Baht/1 Birthday
  • Suandok Hospital Foundation

Select Type


  • Plookpanya School
  • Mahasarakham
  • The Brain

Select Type


  •  Hafele
  • Fashion Island
  • Post Publishing
  • PaySbuy
  • Bangkok Solutions
  • East Water
  • Diethelm
  • Siam City Cement

Select Type


  • Muang Thai Life
  • Muang Thai Insurance
  • Navakij
  • Thaivivat
  • Viriyah Insurance
  • Ocean Life




Select Type


  • Standard (Loan)
  • Group Lease
  • Nava Leasing
  • Eastern Commercial Leasing
  • Toyota Leasing
  •  AEON

Select Type


  • Kiatnakin Securities
  • KGI Securities
  • MFC Asset
  • KAsset's Fund



Select Type


  •  SF Ticket

Select Type


  • MEA

Select Type


  • UD
  • Amarin Book
  • BOA for Agel

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