K-Trade Connect

K-Trade Connect is one of KBank online services providing real-time inquiries and tracking for your international business transactions using communications over
the Internet. It features many functions that enable our customers to conduct international transactions more convenient…for boundless business opportunities.
Key Features

K-Trade Connect provides

1. Import L/Cs: Importers can open L/Cs within 60 minutes via our high-speed Internet system using a pre-formatted application form. Your receipt for the service fees collected and the L/C duplicate will be sent to you via the K-Trade Connect system, for which you can retrieve and print these documents at any time.

2. Global Outward Transactions: You can easily do money transfers in payment for goods and services, as well as preparing details on the transferee in advance. Your receipt for fees paid and updates on transaction results will be delivered to you via the K-Trade Connect system.


KBank Assures You of Security System

KBank tested the K-Trade Connect security system thoroughly prior to introduction. Our online security center safeguards your financial information 24 hours a day to assure you  with K-Trade Connect security. KBank offers secure tokens/passwords to enhance protection of their confidential financial dat

Service Details
Type of Service

This service allows real-time inquiries and tracking for international business transactions via our proprietary Internet-based system. It enables to create personal databases on their trade partners, banks, account numbers and even allows advanced messaging, helping you to speed up transaction processing combine with  immediate notification via the K-Trade Connect system of transaction results and receipt of related documents.

  • Transaction Input: K-Trade Connect enables you to customize details, messages and formats relevant to your international business transactions. Previous samples of such transactions can be stored and retrieved as templates for new transactions.
  • Advance Notification: Our K-Trade Connect system provides automatic notifications on any event related to your online transaction, including the expiry date of your L/C. You can request that notifications to be delivered to you via email, or even create a notification note for yourself or your company staff.
  • Tracking of Transactions: You will be notified your transaction status via email after KBank has completed the process.
  • News Service: KBank provides business & industrial news and reports, plus other information that benefits to you.
  • Online Inquiry Service: You can enquire about any problems related to your transactions via the
    K-Trade Connect system, where our international trade specialists are ready to help you anytime. 
  • Transaction Reporting: You can customize the format of your transaction reports, which can be recorded and delivered to relevant personnel any time.     

Terms & Conditions
  • The applicant is required to open a deposit account in Baht or foreign currency with KBank.
  • The applicant is required to present documents that comply with Bank of Thailand regulations.
  • If the transferred amount is greater or equal to USD50,000  the applicant is required to complete an application on the international currency transaction and authorize KBank to conduct the transaction on their behalf.
  • New customers are required to present commercial registration certificates with their application forms.
  • The applicant is required to enter into an Instruction Transmission Agreement with KBank in addition to the application for K-Trade Connect. Applicants wishing to open an import L/C must have a credit line with KBank.


Procedure for K-Trade Connect

1. The maker will prepare international trade transactions within the K-Trade Connect system, which will be sent to
an authorizer at your company according to established procedures. 

2. The authorizer checks the detail of the transactions and supporting documents, then enabling either approves
each individual transaction or several transactions at the same time. 

3. KBank notifies you via email of the transaction results, as well as sends receipts and other documents
(SWIFT Messages such as MT700 and MT103).


Rates & Fees
  • Entrance fee                             THB3,000
  • Annual fee                                THB2,000
  • Charge for security token         THB1,500/set

* Service fees are based on the same rates set by KBank International Trade Services Office

Merchant List
How To Apply / Related documents


  • To apply, or more information about K-Trade Connect and make reservation for workshop, please contact our
    K-Trade Connect Call Center at Tel. 0 2273 1280-1.
  • After your application has been processed, you can be provided advice from our trade service specialists.   

How to Apply:

  • Fill in the K-Trade Connect application form, indicating their usernames and approval procedures.
  • Submit your application form via email or by post to their Relationship Manager at an International Trade Service Office.
  • Receive their approved Username/Password via email and password by post .
  • Receive a handbook and join K-Trade Connect workshops (if required).

K-Trade Connect Workshops:

KBank has organized workshops to help K-Trade Connect users understand the system. Participants can practice using the applications during workshop while being guided by our professional staffs.

Hours of Operation: 

  • K-Trade Connect is available 24 hours a day, and KBank will process all transaction inquiries arriving between 8.30-15.30  on the same day. Any transaction inquires made outside that period will be processed on the following business day.
  • Customers can retrieve records of previous transactions and other general information via K-Trade Connect
    24 hours a day.

KBank reserves the right to provide this service to users as prescribed in the Exchange Control Act, B.E. 2485, and Bank of Thailand’s Directive to Competent Officers on Rules and Practices regarding Currency Exchange.

For more information, please contact Corporate & SME Service Center or your KBank Relationship Manager (RM), or call our K-BIZ Contact Center 0 2888 8822.

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