K-Contact Center

Today, you can do many financial transactions simply, without even going to a KBank branch. Just call our K-Contact Center at 02-8888888, around the clock, and you will be able to conduct various financial transactions on your own with convenience, speed and security.


Please download a K-Contact Center handbook  Click here

Key Features


  • No application fee
  • Simply open a savings or current account, or hold any type of KBank card, and you will be able to conduct financial transactions via the K-Contact Center at 02-8888888 in Thai, or 02-8888800 in English.
  • You can conduct transactions via an interactive voice response (IVR) system, or press zero to contact our
    K-Contact Center staff for product/service inquiries or to report problems/make recommendations about credit card service, deposit, ATM / other electronic channels, personal loan, K-WePlan, mutual funds and
    K-Bancassurance. Our attentive staff are always glad to provide you with caring service.
Service Details
 Services available via IVR
  • Deposit account
      -  Balance inquiry for current/savings account, returned cheque inquiry
      -  Request statement:
         For savings account: available for the past six months
         For current account: available for the current month 
      -  Purchase cheque books for KBank current account. Cheque books can be picked up at the KBank branch  
         where your account was opened, which must be located in the Bangkok metropolitan area.
          :  For purchase before 3.30 pm., cheque book can be picked up on the following business day.
          :  For purchase after 3.30 pm. on a business day or on holidays, cheque book can be picked up on the  
             following two business days.
      -  Confirm and change credit lines for money transfer, withdrawal, purchase of goods of ATM/debit cards and 
         deposit account linked to credit cards. Change card limit per day, or maximum card limit.  

  • Mobile top-up, funds transfer and bill payment
    Mobile top-up service for One-2-Call, Happy, True Move, PCT Buddy
      -  Inter-account funds transfer from current account to savings account, or vice versa
      -  Bill payment by specifying merchant code
      -  Utility fee payment

     1. Telephone bill payment of TOT Corp. and electricity bill payment of Metropolitan Electricity Authority for an 
          invoice  with the established amount and no previous unpaid balance. The Bank will charge a 10-Baht fee per
          transaction, which will be debited from the user’s account together with the payment.
     2. Tax payment for the Revenue Department
          : Taxpayer has to fill out the form via the website of the Revenue Department www.rd.co.th. Use the 15-digit
            control code obtained from the website to conduct transaction. The Bank will charge a 15 Baht fee per
            transaction which will be debited from the user’s account together with your tax payment.
     3. Donation for Thanakarnboon Chowkoon Alongkot Foundation, Wat Phra Bat Namphu Temple

  • ATM/debit card suspension, stop account, stop cheque

  • K-Contact Center, K-Mobile Banking
      K-Contact Center
           : Password activation or change, service cancellation and request for a K-Contact Center handbook
           : Service application, change in mobile phone number for the K-MOBILE BANKING SMS service, and service 
           : Inquiries regarding the service, including methods, fees and promotions, as well as complaints

  • Credit card service
    Balance inquiry
      -  Payment of K-Credit Card (for yourself or another person)
      -  Application for credit card and Smart Billing
      -  Request for new password or change in credit card-related information
      -  Activation of credit card obtained by postal mail
      -  Request for KBank Reward Point program, check of reward points and reward redemption
      -  Request for statement of account
      -  Request for credit card form

  • Mutual fund service
    Request for net asset value via fax or IVR
      -  Fund subscription/redemption/switching
      -  Balance inquiry

  • K Home Smiles Club , K-Home loan and personal loan

      -  K Home Smiles Club, K-Home Loan
           :  Home Assistant Service by K Home Smiles Club, suspension of K  Home Smiles Club card, check of  
              application status, special  promotions of participating companies and request for criteria and  application   
              form for K-Home Loan
      -  Personal O/D and K-Express Cash
           : Service activation, card suspension, balance inquiry, request for statement, payment under credit limit,
             change in mailing address and interest rate inquiry.

  • Sales promotional campaigns, foreign exchange rates, interest rate and telephone numbers of KBank branches
      -  Sales promotional programs
      -  Inquiry of foreign exchange rates via fax or IVR system
      -  Inquiry of deposit, lending and credit card rates
      -  Inquiry of branch telephone numbers

  • Eligibility
      -  Having a current and/or savings account with KBank and K-Credit Card/ATM card
      -  Having a current and/or savings account with KBank (without debit/ATM card) and applying for K-Contact Center
      -  Having a current and/or savings account with KBank card and applying for K-Contact Center
      -  K-Credit Cardholders and those applying for personal O/D and K-Express Cash
      -  Having a mutual fund account linked to a current or savings account with KBank
      -  General customers having no deposit account with KBank
  • Service is available 24 hours a day, every day, except for deposit account service, which is available between
    6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., and fund ubscription/ redemption/ switching and inquiries for the remaining value of investment units, available only on business days, between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. 
  • Customers can conduct up to five transactions per occasion via the IVR system, which in total must not exceed 10 minutes. If a transaction is still in progress after 10 minutes, you will be allowed to continue until the transaction is completed.
  • When using the IVR system, please follow the instructions. If you are familiar with the system, you do not have to wait until the voice prompt ends, and you may press the asterisk key (*) if you want to repeat the prompt, or press the pound key (#) to return to the previous service.
  • If you wrongly input your account number, card number or password three straight  times, your call will be automatically disconnected, for data security.
  • For purchase of goods, other account funds transfer, bill payment and payment of K-Credit Card, please press the amount in Baht, followed by two decimal places and the pound key (#). For example, if you want to transfer 100.50 Baht, press 10050#; or if you want to transfer 1,000 Baht, press 100000#.
  • For mobile top-up, please input the amount in Baht without two decimal places. For instance, press 300# for mobile top-up of 300 Baht.
  • Mobile top-up service is available for One-2-Call, Happy, True Move and PCT Buddy.
  • Inter-account funds transfer from savings to current account for the purpose of cheque payment must be conducted before 3:30 p.m.
  • For a change in credit limit for funds transfer, withdrawal or purchase of goods via ATM or debit card, or a change in deposit limit of a deposit account linked to credit card, please input the amount without two decimal places, as is done with mobile top-up. However, the amount must be in a round number. For instance, for the amount of 1,000 Baht, press 1000#; for 25,000 Baht, press 25000#; for 50,000 Baht, press 50000#; and for 100,000 Baht, press 100000#.
  • Customers can request documents/ evidences via fax or telephone by providing their fax number to the Bank.
  • Request for documents via fax can be made via fax machine or fixed-line telephone. Please specify your fax number for receiving the required documents.
Merchant List
How To Apply / Related documents
  • A natural person, juristic person, or a body of persons can apply for K-Contact Center service when they open a savings or current account, and the Bank will at once use relevant documents submitted to open the account as the required documents for K-Contact Center service.
  • A juristic person or a body of persons must submit the minutes specifying the resolution to use K-Contact Center.
  • A natural person who opens a joint savings or current account with up to two joint account owners under the conditions specifying “either of the joint account owners is able to withdraw money” has to submit an agreement and conditions of the use of K-Contact Center (for joint account). 


Approval period
  • Customers in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR) applying for K-Contact Center service and requesting to receive the code at the branch where they apply for this service will receive the code within 3 business days from the date of application. If they request the Bank to deliver the code via mail, they will receive the code within five business days. In addition, if they submit a new contact address for document delivery to the Bank, they will receive the code within seven business days from the date of application.
  • Up-country customers will receive the code within 10 days from the date of application (for code delivery both via the bank branch and mail.)  

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