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Today, you can do many financial transactions simply, without even going to a KBank branch. You can conduct transactions via an interactive voice response (IVR) system, or to report fraud/comapint/suggession. Just call our K-Contact Center at 02-8888888. Our attentive staff are always glad to provide you with caring service.


Please download a K-Contact Center handbook  Click here

Key Features
  •  No application fee\
  • Simply open a savings or current account, or hold any type of KBank card, and you will be able to conduct financial transactions via the K-Contact Center at 02-8888888
  • Available in Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese and Burmese.
  • Have to short cut  info service quickly
Service Details

Services available via IVR

Services available via IVR

  • ATM/debit/Credit/K-Express Cash card suspension, 
  • Account/Cheque Suspension
  • Deposit account ATM and debit card services
    - Balance inquiry for current/savings account, returned cheque inquiry
    - Request for statement
    - Inquire about the teller number
    - Purchase cheque books for KBank current account. Cheque books can be picked up at the KBank
      branch  where your account was opened, which must be located in the Bangkok metropolitan area.
    - Confirm and change credit lines for money transfer, withdrawal, purchase of goods of ATM/debit cards and
      deposit account linked to credit cards.
    - K-Payroll Benefits or to contact our representative,
  • Credit card service
    - Balance inquiry and payment of K-Credit Card
    - Request for KBank Reward Point program, check of reward points and reward redemption
    - Request for statement
    - Activation of credit card
    - Temporarily increase credit limit
  • Mobile top-up, bill payment, inter-account fund transfer, and donations
    - Mobile top-up service for AIS One-2-Call, DTAC Happy, True Move, True Move H
    - Inter-account funds transfer from current account to savings account, or vice versa
    - Utility fee payment
      : Telephone bill payment of TOT Corp. and electricity bill payment of Metropolitan Electricity Authority.
        The Bank will charge a 10-Baht fee per transaction, which will be debited from the user’s account
        together with the payment.
      :Taxpayer has to fill out the form via the website of the Revenue Department www.rd.co.th. Use the 15-
       digit control code obtained from the website to conduct transaction. The Bank will charge a 15 Baht fee 
       per transaction which will be debited from the user’s account together with your tax payment.
    - Payment of internet or cable TV bills and other bill payment
    - Donation for Thanakarnboon Chowkoon Alongkot Foundation, Wat Phra Bat Namphu Temple
  • Mutual fund service, K- Bancassurance K-Securities or K-Expert
    - Mutual fund service
      : Request for net asset value via fax or IVR, Inquiry about Mutual Fund product
      : Fund subscription/redemption/switching
      : Contact our K-Expert for investment advice
    - K- Bancassurance
      : Inquire about K-Bankassurance
      : Contact our K-Expert for tax benefit advice
  • K-Express Cash, personal loan, K-Leasing , K-Home Loan and K Home Smiles Club
    - K-Express Cash
      : Balance Inquiry, interest rates and to make card payment
      : Request for statement or a receipt of K-Express Cash Card
      : Activate K-Express Cash Card
      : Apply for K-Express Cash card, Call for Cash, and SMS alert services
    - Personal loans
      : Balance Inquiry, interest rates, application status and request for statement
  • Car leasing
    - Inquire about product information
    - Payment of car leasing installments
  • K-Home Loan and K Home Smiles Club
    - Home Assistance Service, Personal Assistance Service
    - Suspend the K Home Smile Club card
    - inquire about your application status
    - K Home Loan delivery service
  • ATM/CDM machine, K-Cyber Service, K-Mobile Banking, telephone PIN and K-Contact  Center Manual
    - ATM or CDM machine
      : Report a problem on ATM, CDM or other machines
      : Account transactions Inquiry
  • K-Cyber Service & M-Mobile Banking
    - Disable K-Cyber service, unlock the Password, reset the Password
    - K-Cyber Banking and K-Web shopping card,  K-Cyber Invest, K-Cyber Trade
    - Disable your K-Mobile Banking by decreasing the transaction limit to zero
    - K-Mobile Banking Plus , K-Speed Top Up    
  • K-Contact Center
    - Activate the telephone PIN for K-Contact Center services,  reset the telephone PIN, change the telephone
      PIN, cancel the telephone PIN, cancel the telephone PIN, request K-Contact Center manual via fax
  • Apply for or cancel SMS alerts and E-mail statements
  • General information and special promotions
    - Inquiry of Foreign exchange rates via fax or IVR system,
    - Inquiry of deposit, lending and credit card rates,
    - Inquiry of branch telephone numbers
  • - Eligibility
     : Having a current and/or savings account with KBank and K-Credit Card/ATM card
     : Having a current and/or savings account with KBank (without debit/ATM card) and applying for K-Contact
     : Having a current and/or savings account with KBank card and applying for K-Contact Center
     : K-Credit Cardholders and those applying for personal O/D and K-Express Cash
     : Having a mutual fund account linked to a current or savings account with KBank
     : General customers having no deposit account with KBank
    - Service is available 24 hours a day, every day.
    - When using the IVR system, you may press the pound key (#) to return to the previous service. and press 9 to return to the main menu
    - For funds transfer, bill payment and payment of K-Credit Card, please press the amount in Baht, followed 
      by two decimal places and the pound key (#). For example, if you want to transfer 9800.50 Baht, press
    - For mobile top-up, please input the amount in Baht without two decimal places. For instance, press 300#
      for mobile top-up of 300 Baht.
    - Mobile top-up service is available for AIS One-2-Call, DTAC Happy, True Move and True Move H
    - Inter-account funds transfer from savings to current account for the purpose of cheque payment must be
      conducted before 3:30 p.m.
    - For a change in credit limit for funds transfer, withdrawal or purchase of goods via ATM or debit card, or a
      change in deposit limit of a deposit account linked to credit card, please input the amount without two
      decimal places, Please be informed that you can set the required limit in multiples of thousand Baht only.
      For example, if you enter 17,200, the system will record your limit as 18,000 Baht.
    - Request for documents via fax can be made via fax machine or fixed-line telephone. Please specify your
      fax number for receiving the required documents.
Merchant List
How To Apply / Related documents
  • A natural person can apply for K-Contact Center service when they open a savings or current account, and the Bank will at once use relevant documents submitted to open the account as the required documents for K-Contact Center service.
  • A natural person who opens a joint savings or current account with up to two joint account owners under the conditions specifying “either of the joint account owners is able to withdraw money” has to submit an agreement and conditions of the use of K-Contact Center (for joint account).

Approval period
  • Customers in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR) applying for K-Contact Center service and requesting to receive the code at the branch where they apply for this service will receive the code within 3 business days from the date of application. If they request the Bank to deliver the code via mail, they will receive the code within five business days. In addition, if they submit a new contact address for document delivery to the Bank, they will receive the code within seven business days from the date of application.
  • Up-country customers will receive the code within 10 days from the date of application (for code delivery both via the bank branch and mail.)  

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