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With this service, the Bank will advise your transaction on credit card via your e-mail address on-time. It is easy to apply for the service without any fee. You will not need to wait for the post anymore.
Key Features

Service Features

  • The Bank will advise details of credit card transaction, such as total payment, minimum payment, statement date, due date, spending description (Transaction date, name of merchant, types of merchant and amount of money) and outstanding points. Then, you will know your expenditure information completely
  • The information is displayed in an easy format with a clear conclusion graph
  • A statement of account is sent directly to your e-mail address, thus ensuring faster and safer delivery of information.
  • Your do not have to wait for the post because you can check information via e-mail which is available at any place and time
  • Apply for the service conveniently and free of charge at www.kasikornbank.com or K-Contact Center Tel. No. 0 2888 8888
Product Details

Data Format

  • PDF file which can be saved or printed out with a graph showing the spending proportion for each type of merchants clearly (with example)
  • CSV file which can be opened with Microsoft Excel only, can be saved or further processed as desired

Statement Delivery Frequency

    Monthly: According your accounting period, the Bank will deliver your transaction within two days after the statement date.

Conditions of Service

     Being the cardholder of all types of K-Credit Card (except the corporate credit card)




     If you want to stop your application or change your given information to use K-eMail Statement through website channel, you can inform K-Contact Center at Tel. 0 2888 8888 to close the service for your credit card.


How to apply or use

Service Application/Data Change

    - Apply via www.kasikornbank.com (Service Application Click Here )

    - Apply via K-Contact Center Call 0 2888 8888 press 0 and press 1

Required documents

     No document is required

Promotion & Privileges

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