Pro Saving 1525 (  )

Key Features

  Life insurance with a premium payment period of only 15 years and life coverage term of 25 years with an increasing life coverage to a maximum of 125% of the sum insured


Product Details

Payment Mode

  • Every month*, three months, six months, or once a year (Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual)

Insurable Age

  • 1 month 70 years 


Minimum Sum Insured

  • 100,000 Baht


Benefit & Coverage

  •  Cash bonus at the end of policy year 1 to 24 is 1% of the sum insured 
  •  Maturity benefit at the end of policy year 25 is 126% of the sum insured 
  •  Total benefit throughout the contract term is 150% of the sum insured
  •   Maximum life coverage is 125% of the sum insured 
  • Only the life insurance premium is eligible for personal income tax deduction according to the Notification of the Director-General of the Revenue Department on Income Tax No. 172 given on 30 December 2008



Remark  - Benefit and coverage are presented as percentage of sum insured amount at the commencing date of the contract.

How to apply or use

For more information, please contact: 

  • Kasikorn Bank nationwide branches
  • K-Contact Center 0 2888 8888


Promotion & Privileges

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