This Code of Conduct lays down the fundamental principles of personal and professional conduct expected of all directors and employees in the performance of their duties.


The Bank has been built through the character of its people. That character is reflected in the Bank’s Core Values, which have been fundamental to our success. Our continued success depends on each one of us doing our part to uphold these values in our day-to-day work and in all the decisions we make, as reflected in our operating principles.


While the Bank competes hard to achieve leadership and business success, the Bank is concerned not only with results, but with how those results are achieved. The Bank will never accept efforts or activities to achieve results through illegal or unethical dealings.


Throughout this Code of Conduct, where reference is made to “we,” or “us”, this includes all directors and employees; and “ our” refers to KBANK’s business and organisation.

This document describes basic ethical principles for the performance of duties and professional practices binding on both directors and employees of KASIKORNBANK.


A bank of good practices is made up of directors and employees who all conform to the expected ethical standards. This is the basis of the Bank’s success. Continuing and sustainable success results from the conduct of every one of us. In carrying out our duties, each must uphold the Bank’s ethical standards in our daily tasks and in all of our decisions, as described in Bank operational principles and procedures.


In today’s highly competitive environment, in order to remain at the forefront in business and to achieve the ethical stature, the Bank attends not only to results but also to the way in which results are achieved, refraining from any methods and activities that may be illegal or unethical.


In the following, “we” and “us” refer to all directors and employees, and the “Bank” refers to KASIKORNBANK and business operations.

Principles and Guidelines of KASIKORNBANK Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been approved by the Board of Directors as a guide binding all Bank operations. The Bank has designated eight ethical principles:


1. Integrity

We are committed to doing the right thing and to carrying out our duties in an honest, ethical and straightforward manner, adhering to all anti-corruption principles under the law and Bank regulations. All of the Bank activities and decisions shall be undertaken with integrity. We shall conduct business honestly and with concern for risks to the organization.

2. Trust

We shall respect colleagues, customers, shareholders and government agency staff, treating them as we wish to be treated by them. We shall give our utmost efforts to perform duties on a basis of mutual trust.  

3. Confidentiality

We shall keep and maintain customer information strictly confidential and guard the trust they have placed in us. Customer business data, whether individual or organization, will be handled with professionalism, thus leading to trustworthiness.

4. Professionalism

We shall fulfill our duties with skill, competence and the knowledge necessary to perform expertly, based on the principles of professionalism at all times.

5. People

We shall attract and recruit personnel with the knowledge, abilities and experience needed by the Bank, and shall give significance to performance-based promotions and rewards. Our conduct towards colleagues shall be imbued with the belief that all are precious assets of the Bank, both now and for the future.

6. Leadership

We shall lead in every meaningful way and, with our leadership, we shall move the Bank and K Companies towards the established goals. Based on our well-defined vision, the Bank emphasizes that our employees attain the leadership objectives and exercises leadership approaches in their functions. Employee competencies shall be enhanced in support of Bank strategies, while obstacles to employee development shall be removed. 

7. Ownership

We share a common responsibility for Bank success and for system enhancement to attain maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Deemed as our own assets, we shall prevent their deterioration and loss, using them to their full advantage and with concerns for long-term success of the Bank. We shall never use Bank assets for personal benefit, whether of ourselves or others.

8. Compliance

We shall expect that the decisions and operations of all employees will be taken in strict conformity to law, and to relevant rules and regulations, along with adhering to ethical standards in our own individual conduct.


* The Bank encourages K Companies, P Companies and our suppliers to establish their own Code of Conduct and to develop processes and operational procedures in consistence with the nature of business and regulatory requirements and in line with the Bank's Code of Conduct and operational guidelines.



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